Eastercon 3rd-6th April

I’m going to be going to the London Eastercon this year!  It’s on from 3-6 April at the Park Inn at Heathrow.  Schedules aren’t finalised but I should be on the ‘Watching the Detectives’ panel on the Monday 6th – everything else is up in the air.  Will post more when I have the details.

Jim Butcher’s also going to be there (and on the same panel), so I’m hopefully going to get to meet him for the first time, which is pretty exciting.  Other than that I’ll be wandering around on the Monday, so if you want to meet up, send me a message!

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4 Responses to Eastercon 3rd-6th April

  1. Robert Mandell says:

    Have someone tape the panel and put it up on Youtube.