Ask Luna #86

From: Sam

Hi Luna (should I keep using that name?),

Congrats on passing your journeyman test!

I was just wondering, do you think things between Alex and Caldera will ever improve? And do you think she’s even someone any of the gang would want to work with at this point. She seems like a decent person, but she doesn’t really have the critical thinking skills your adventures need.

Yup, Luna’s fine. Some mages drop their birth name once they graduate, but I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to do that. I use my mage name for official business and when dealing with other mages, but in the shop and with my friends, it’s just Luna.

As for Caldera . . . eh. I’m less keen on her than Vari and Alex seem to be. It’s nothing to do with thinking skills – she’s smart enough. It’s that she always seems to be on the side of whatever’s legal, and in case you haven’t noticed, the law isn’t all that friendly to anyone who isn’t a Light mage. Maybe she is a decent person, but I’d rather keep her at arm’s length.

From: Gaston de Foix

Hi Luna,

I’m a big admirer: you are one of the bravest people I know.

I had some questions about dragons.

Dragons clearly have powers beyond ordinary mortal powers including prophecy and clairvoyance and have seemingly existed for a very long time.

1. Were dragons sometimes understood by mortals as gods (i.e. Athena)?

2. If dragons can see the future so clearly, and are clearly impelled to protect fellow magical creatures, why are magical creatures well-night extinct?

3. Does the origin of magic have anything to do with dragons?

4. Anything else cool or unusual you can tell me about dragons that I can’t read somewhere else!

Thanks for taking the time.

That’s a nice compliment, thanks. As for your questions:

1) Yes. Given what they can do, ‘god’ actually seems like a pretty good description.

2) They’re not impelled to protect magical creatures, or at least I don’t think they are. This is where it gets tricky – they seem to be under some restrictions, but it’s really hard to understand how they work. There’s a reason they don’t run the world, put it that way. Arachne’s dragon is a special case, or maybe it’s that Arachne is a special case to the dragon.

3) Don’t think so, but no-one really knows what the origin of magic is, so could be.

4) Alex told me once that he has a theory that dragons don’t just see other people’s futures, they also see their own. Which means that for all their power, they have absolutely no freedom. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I’ve always remembered it.

From: Kalias

Hi Luna
I was just wondering, how do elemental mages power their spells? – it seems like magic is still mostly subject to the laws of conservation of energy (e.g. with shield magic), yet elemental / force mages seem to be able to do things that would consume a lot of energy if achieved the normal way without it overly draining them. Are they subject to the law of conservation of energy and if so where does the energy come from?

Okay, so this is getting into ‘theory of magic’ stuff, which I did my best to skip whenever it came up in class. As I understand it, mages don’t create energy, they use what’s out there already. The energy for something like a fire spell doesn’t come from the mage, it comes from turning mass into heat. They can only convert tiny tiny amounts of matter, but apparently that still packs quite a punch. That isn’t how they actually describe it though – you get into concepts, so a fire mage can’t just mess around with energy directly, it has to involve heat or fire in some way. I’m probably not explaining this very well.

From: Dug Devine

Hi Luna…. Just curious, is a “Mage”(some Mages? Magi?) able to develop other magical skills / abilities or is it a case of ” you are what your are born?” 😀

Both. First you have to have the talent, then you have to train it. In practice it takes so long (years and years) to get really good with one magic type that most mages keep working on perfecting that rather than starting over with a new one.

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And done.  The first draft of Alex Verus #9 is finally finished.  

This book has taken longer than any previous one in the series.  Usually I expect to take around 10 months to write an Alex Verus book – 3-4 months planning and 6-7 writing.  This one has taken 5 months planning, and 10 writing, i.e. roughly half again as long as the last few.  I have a few different theories on why I’ve found it so difficult to make progress, but whatever the reason, it’s been pretty frustrating.  

Still, it’s done, and at least the quality’s good.  I’ll be giving the manuscript an edit over the next few days, then it’ll go off to my publishers and the publication process will start.  You’ll have the book at some point next year (though I don’t know exactly when).  For now, I’m going to take a break and figure out what to do next!

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Really Nearly There

Very, very close to finishing the first draft of Alex Verus #9.  With any luck, a week from now, it’ll be done.  I’ll be really glad when it is.

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Audio Top 10

From the Associated Press: best-sellers for week ending June 23:


1. Ubik (Unabridged) by Philip K. Dick, narrated by Luke Daniels (Brilliance Audio)
2. Camino Island: A Novel by John Grisham, narrated by January LaVoy (Random House Audio)
3. Tilt-a-Whirl: John Ceepak, Book 1 by Chris Grabenstein, narrated by Jeff Woodman (Audible Studios)
4. Pandemic: The Extinction Files, Book 1 by A. G. Riddle, narrated by Edoardo Ballerini (Audible Studios)
5. Mercer Girls by Libbie Hawker, narrated by Amy McFadden (Brilliance Audio)
6. The Handmaid’s Tale: Special Edition by Margaret Atwood, narrated by Claire Danes, author and full cast (Audible Studios)
7. Beneath the Skin: The Sam Hunter Case Files by Jonathan Maberry, narrated by Ray Porter (Blackstone Audio, Inc.)
8. Come Sundown by Nora Roberts, narrated by Elisabeth Rodgers (Brilliance Audio)
9. Fated: Alex Verus Series, Book 1 by Benedict Jacka, narrated by Gildart Jackson (Tantor Audio)
10. Into the Water by Paula Hawkins, narrated by Laura Aikman, Rachel Bavidge, Sophie Aldred, Daniel Weyman and Imogen Church (Penguin Audio)

That’s what an Amazon sale will do for your sales ranking.  It’s pretty cool seeing my name up there, even if it’s only for a week!

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Ask Luna #85

From: Janice

Hello Luna! Given that divination is only really accurate in the short term and that it is complicated by human actions, is it possible to (theoretically) kill Alex Verus by spiking his food or drink with something that will kill him over a longer period of time (e.g. a day or a week, even)?

Theoretically, that would work, yeah. Alex would probably appreciate it if you didn’t spread that around too much.

From: Wyatt freed

Hello Luna. I’m very curious about dreamstones. It is fascinating how they allow one to enter elsewhere like a fish to water. Now that alex has one, what powers is he working on developing. Will he be able to physically transport himself, and influence thoughts, control people? It’s very exciting. I bet it will be a great tool to help bring deleo away from Richard as well since his life depends on it. And I assume that since the dreamstone is now attuned to him it can only be used by him. Does it have to be in proximity to use it?

From what I understand, he’s practising with Elsewhere manipulation in general – shaping the world, that kind of thing. It always happens whenever you’re there, but according to Alex, you can do it much more consciously with practice. Arachne’s also teaching him to step between Elsewhere and dreamshards (apparently they’re a kind of halfway house between Elsewhere and regular dreams).

And yeah, as far as I know Alex is the only one who can use it. Imbued items in general are picky about their bearers. As for proximity, that’s something he’s specifically mentioned he was working on. To begin with he’d always touch the dreamstone to use it, but according to Arachne that isn’t actually necessary – all you need is the link. Last I heard he’d gotten to the point where he could use it at arm’s length or so.

From: Eikfo

Dear Luna,

Apologies to rebound on your answer regarding division of magical and political border (Ask Luna #81) with such a minor detail, but as a local, I cannot help but wonder if you might have any insight if Belgian magical government is somehow divided based on spoken language point of view, as the rest of the country is.

In addition, for a broader subject, do you know if Chance magic can alter digital worlds, such as, for example, video games that have random components, or if it is limited to the material world?

Thank you in advance for your reply,

Yours Sincerely,

Okay, this is kind of embarrassing to admit, given how close Belgium is, but I honestly don’t have a clue. I pretty much exhausted my knowledge on that particular topic back in that last article. In my defence, European magical history is really complicated, with the different languages and all the hundreds of years of shifting borders. They tried to give us an overview back when I was an apprentice, but I really had trouble following it all.

As for the second question, kind of. Chance magic can affect anything with a random component, which most computer games have. So not much good for a chess program, but pretty useful for messing with the enemies on something like Skyrim. Oh, and obviously you don’t want to play online poker against a chance mage, but you probably guessed that already.

From: Dances With Horses

Hi Luna,

I’d like to ask please how / where Arachne sells her clothes, given that she’s very security conscious and we never hear of you bumping into her other clients.

Secondly, I’d also be grateful to know more about ‘Unicorns Run’. Alex mentioned at one point that unicorns weren’t the sweet and friendly animals of tales and Arachne has a dig at him because his outfit for the event got ruined. So what are unicorns like and what’s the story behind Alex, his clothes and Unicorns Run?

Thanks Luna and good luck with the rebuild of the shop.

Arachne mostly sells her clothes overseas. Actually, ‘sells’ is probably the wrong word, since I think she mostly trades them for goodwill/favours. From what I’ve seen, though, she has less clients than she used to. The world’s getting to be a tough place for magical creatures.

Unicorn’s Run is a Light Council event that has no actual unicorns (as far as I know). It’s one of those names out of ancient history. As for the story, Alex seems kind of reluctant to tell me any details, maybe because he’s embarrassed about it.

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Ask Luna #84

From: Iksander

Journeyman Vesta

Certainly has a nice ring to it doesn’t it! Congratulations on finding your name. I have a couple of questions for you if you have the time:

1) Has Variam passed his/taken his Journeyman tests yet? Follow up, has he decided on a name?

2) What is a Devourer? Sounds rather ominous to me…

Thanks! I liked it too.

Yup, Vari took his tests a while back. Pretty soon after I did mine, funnily enough. It hasn’t made much different in how he acts around us – I’d been expecting him to be a bit more puffed-up about it, but his attitude was more like “good, that’s out of the way”.

Devourers are really nasty magical creatures that do exactly what their name suggests. They were supposed to have been exterminated a long time ago, but unfortunately some mages decided they’d make really good guards, so you still find them around from time to time. I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard descriptions.

From: Fade

Hi Luna, I was wondering what constitutes a “Master Mage.” I assume that Dark Master status is similar Dark Mage status, where they declare themselves and dare somebody to contradict them. What about light and independents? Is there another series of tests that they need to pass? Or is Master Mage less of an official title and more of a tacit understanding amongst one’s peers? I know Alex has more knowledge of the dark side of the fence, but I’m hoping maybe you picked some knowledge up in the apprentice program? Thank you for your time!

The Council does actually have rules on when someone qualifies as a master mage, but it’s totally different from the journeyman test system – it’s just age. After a certain amount of years as a journeyman (I think it’s 15 or 20 or something) you qualify as a master by default. Sounds kind of stupid, I know, but according to Alex it dates back to when magical life was a lot more dangerous, and the assumption was that if you were a mage at 40 and still alive then you must be doing something right. I’m not sure how many people take it seriously anymore, though. From what I’ve seen modern Light mages are more likely to boast about their rank in the Council or the Keepers or whatever – they don’t seem to care about the master thing.

With Dark mages, it’s exactly what you’ve guessed. They just call themselves that and see if anyone takes them up on the challenge. Usually no-one does.

From: Blackmass

I have a few questions about Jagadev

I understand why Alex won’t tell Vari about what Jagadev has killed members of his family but what about Anne why has he not told her about this

also will Jagadev oppose Drakh an his plans for the council or remain Neutral

also unrelated but what will Arachne do if Drakh succeeds in his grand schemes

The way I understood it, Alex never actually had any hard evidence that Jagadev was responsible for that stuff. So I guess that was part of the reason. He probably also figured that if he told Anne, it’d get back to Vari. Or maybe he just decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

From what’s been happening lately, I think Jagadev’s been helping Richard. Not out of any kind of friendship, more that he thinks it’ll destabilise the Council.

And I have no idea what Arachne’ll do if Richard gets what he wants. Funnily enough, I have the feeling it might not affect her much. It’s more the Council that she’s worried about.

From: Zachariah Loranis

Do you know any Adepts that are very skilled in barrier spells?

I met one whose particular trick was creating force walls. Don’t know if that’s the kind of thing you mean, but she was really good with them.

From: Nick

Luna are there any universal combat spells. By universal I mean almost every magic type can use them.

Not really. Universal spells are generally ‘magic on magic’ stuff. Analysing spells, using focus items, that kind of thing. Combat spells are a lot more specialised. Closest I can think of is a light spell, but even that’s limited to mostly elementalists.

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Still Writing

Still trying to finish Book #9 (which does now have a title).  I’ll be really happy when this one is finally done.

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Playbuzz Interview

There’s a short interview with Alex Verus up on Playbuzz.  Go take a look!

Work on Alex Verus #9 is entering the final stretch.  Hoping to finish it before the end of the month.

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Ask Luna #83

From: Justin

Hello Luna!

I was wondering if Wish magic, or any magic for that matter, can bring back or contact the dead?

Thank you!

Don’t think so. There are plenty of stories about some magic type or other bringing back the dead, but usually what it ends up being is some sort of construct made to look like the dead person. The stories never seem to go away though, maybe because people want to believe them.

From: Hrok

Hi Luna its me again,

I was wondering what you could tell us about Richards magic type. The description of it reminded me of how the Monkey Paws power was described when deflecting bullets, ie. as black threads. Did Richard get his hands on a weaker jinn at some point or is the description of it just coincidence?

I hadn’t thought of that connection, but it does make sense. I don’t know much more about it than you though. Richard doesn’t exactly give interviews, and as far as I know no-one’s picked a fight with him and survived, so there aren’t many eyewitness accounts. So we can make guesses, but it doesn’t really achieve very much.

From: Adam

Hi Luna,

I have enjoyed reading about your adventures with Alex and the others. The most recent installment raised some questions about “universal magic”. Could you answer the following for me:

1) Could Alex, Anne or yourself learn the sorts of untyped magical spells Richard uses? Speculation about his magic type seems to indicate you could…
2) What else can untyped magic achieve?

I’ll sign off with my own speculation as to Richards magic type – While his fighting style clearly reminds Alex of a Diviner could he be a time mage? Lots of time to react, aim and prep his spells, seriously rapid movement at critical moments could all be a function of time magic.



. . . And the time mage thing’s a possibility too. This is what tends to happen when we discuss Richard, we just keep saying ‘maybe’. Alex couldn’t actually detect any time auras any of the times he ran into Richard, but that doesn’t prove anything, he could just have some way to shroud himself.

As for whether we could use the untyped spells Richard does – short answer is no, because as far as I know, doing that kind of stuff with untyped magic isn’t supposed to be possible. Untyped spells are ‘gateway’ ones which are very general and universal, usually magic that works on other magic. So magesight, focus item use, construct creation, that sort of thing. It’s not supposed to be any use for combat at all, so god only knows how Richard can make it work that way. But that’s the problem with mages. There are so many weird niche uses for magic that no-one knows about, because the few mages who find out about them keep them secret to get an advantage over everyone else.

From: Randy

Dear Luna, was the monkey’s paw destroyed along with Alex’s shop.

Nope. It was in his safe room and Alex picked it up the next day, along with everything else in there. Though honestly, I’m not sure it would have been harmed even if it hadn’t been. I think burning that thing wouldn’t do much except annoy it.

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Fated at a Discount

Still working away on Book 9, but today’s news is that Amazon is selling the ebook version of Fated at a steep discount from May 17th to June 26th as part of their “Start a New Series” promotion.  At the time of writing it’s available for $1.92 on the US Kindle Store, and for £1.49 in the UK.  So if you don’t have a copy yet, or know someone who’s thinking about picking it up, now’s a good time!

Update:  Apparently the discount on the US edition only seems to be applying if you’re trying to buy from the UK.  Sorry to the US readers out there!

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