Bound – Starred Review from Publishers Weekly

A very nice first review from Publishers Weekly.  I’ve included an edited version of the review below – be warned, the full version contains mild spoilers, so don’t click on the link if you’re sensitive about such things!   Once … Continue reading

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More Burned Reviews

There have been a whole lot of reviews of Burned coming in, so here’s a selection from the past month or so: The Irresponsible Reader SFRevu Audiobook Reviewer The Steel Bookshelf Morbier & Metal Elizabeth Dickinson On the topic of … Continue reading

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Burned Reviews

Still busy with book #8, but in the meantime a whole bunch of reviews for Burned have been coming in.  Here’s a selection! Whatchamacallit Reviews I Smell Sheep The Genre Minx Fangtastic Fiction One Book Two The Arched Doorway I’ve … Continue reading

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PW Starred Review for Burned

With less than a month to go before the release of Burned, here’s a very complimentary starred review from Publishers Weekly! The seventh Alex Verus novel (after Veiled) may be the best so far in a consistently outstanding urban fantasy … Continue reading

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Burned First Review

A nice early review from Romantic Times.  It doesn’t seem to have made it online yet, so no link, but here’s an image file.  (Note: does contain some mild spoilers for Burned, but nothing you wouldn’t find out from reading … Continue reading

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More Veiled Reviews

A bunch of reviews have been piling up for Veiled over the past month, so here’s a selection of them! Joshua Hill at Fantasy Book Review Kathy Davie at KD Did It Antony Williams at SFF Chronicles HC Newton at … Continue reading

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Gone Away

Just a reminder that I’ll be out of the country for a fortnight starting this Saturday.  Any email, etc will be put on hold until I get back.  In the meantime, I’ve got three weeks worth of Ask Luna posts going … Continue reading

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Veiled Reviews

Various bits and pieces today! First, some reviews for Veiled:  Whatchamacallit Reviews, I Smell Sheep, and RT Book Reviews all have good pieces up:  Whatchamacallit is probably my favourite, while RT is the most succinct.  This one from Amazon was the most entertaining, though. I … Continue reading

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Veiled Release Week

And we’re almost there!  Veiled is coming out in just a few days, on Tuesday the 4th for the US edition and Thursday the 6th for the UK one. Release days are always a little strange for me, as I’m usually … Continue reading

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Veiled First Review from Publishers Weekly

With the release date of Veiled drawing swiftly closer (that’s August 4th in the US, or August 6th on this side of the pond) here’s the first review, a nice one from Publishers Weekly: Jacka continues his consistently smart and exciting … Continue reading

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