Between Releases

Fallen is out in the US but not yet out in the UK, meaning that this two-week period is an odd sort of limbo where all of my US readers have been able to read the book but my UK readers haven’t.  So here are various bits and pieces in the meantime.  

Fallen’s had time to start getting reviews now, and they’re extremely positive on average.  Looking at the receptions of my past books, I’ve started recently to work out some theories about what my readers tend to prefer, and so far, Fallen’s reaction seems to be confirming them.  Here’s a selection of some of the earliest reviews:  Geeks of Doom, I Smell Sheep, and PrimmLife.  (Note:  don’t read these if you haven’t yet read the book!)

I occasionally get people asking if this site is going to have any online forums or similar.  The answer’s no (I do all the website admin myself, and managing a forum is way too big a time sink) but if you’re looking for an online discussion community, probably the best one is the Alex Verus sub on Reddit.  It’s still small, but it’s growing.

And on the topic of Reddit, my AMA is coming up one week after the UK release date, on October 17th.  If you want to ask me any questions about Fallen or anything else, come along and say hi!

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Fallen US Release Day!

Well, after what feels like a very long wait, it’s finally here!  The tenth Alex Verus novel, Fallen, is out in the US as of today! 

The book will be in ebook and mass market paperback versions, as usual.  The audio version should be released today as well, though if you’re not making the purchase from the US & Canada, it probably won’t be available until the UK and worldwide release on October 10th.  

I won’t link to reviews for a while yet, at least not until after the UK release – a lot happens in this book and it’d be very easy to give away spoilers.  Hope you have as much fun reading this one as I did writing it!

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Fallen US Release Week

It’s been a long wait, but at last, we’re nearly there!  The tenth Alex Verus novel, Fallen, comes out this week in the US & Canada on Tuesday 24th September.  

As usual, the book will be released in the US in mass market paperbook, ebook, and audio formats (you can see them on Amazon here.)  Gildart Jackson will be returning as narrator for the audiobook.  

UK readers will have to wait for the UK release on October 10th.  Once that’s done, I’ll be doing a Reddit AMA on October 17th.  In the meantime, if you can’t wait, or want a sample, you can read Chapters 1 & 2 of Fallen here.  

One bit of advance warning that I should probably share – Fallen is very much a series book rather than a standalone.  I always try to put enough recaps in my books so that they’re not totally incomprehensible to new readers, but Fallen follows on very closely from book #9, Marked, and while you don’t have to have read Marked to understand what’s going on, this is the absolute worst book to be starting the series with.  This is going to be the pattern from now on – the last two books in the Alex Verus series, numbers 11 and 12, will follow on very closely from Fallen, and if you read books #7-#9 but skip Fallen, you are going to be REALLY confused at how the hell Alex ends up where he is at the beginning of book #11.

The positive side to this is that it allows me to tell a much more involved story.  With Fallen, we’re getting into the ‘endgame’ of the Alex Verus series.  Fallen wraps up the storylines of three minor series characters, and book #11 will wrap up a lot more.  If you’ve been enjoying the series this far, I think you’ll like it!

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Ask Luna #144

From: Sheryl Mason

Maybe this has been asked but I’m curious.

Richard’s blood sacrifice and move to another world has to have some significance on his magic. I’m just trying to figure out what that change might be.

We’ll probably never know the details, but given recent developments, he apparently spent at least some of that time getting really knowledgeable about jinn.

From: Lucas

1. Alex mentioned that the black threads Richard used in the Vault had counter magic that could get through an elemental mage shield depending on its frequency. Is this limited to only that or can other elemental mages do the same thing?

2. Have you heard of mind or charm magic being paired with space, time, chance, divination, or other universal magic for a hybrid? I heard some of the Senior/Junior Council were one of them but I don’t know what it could be.

3. Do you know if dreamstones can work on or against one another? I remember Arachne saying that the dreamstones you guy found in the Shadow Realm could both be used for compulsion but the one Alex chose could also form connections with others. Do you think he could use it against Richard’s, it could be the edge Alex needs against him.

1. ‘Frequency’ isn’t exactly the right word, but yeah, it’s a technique you learn about in duelling. It’s not very common because it requires a ton of precision. Most mages find it’s easier to just smash through a shield than find exactly the right type of countermagic to go through it, so it’s generally only used by mages with a lot more skill than power.

2. I’ve heard of mind/time hybrids and charm/chance ones, I think.

3. I don’t know if they work on one another exactly, but it turns out they’re pretty good counter tools, yes.

From: Thomas

Is Rachel officially Richard’s Chosen? This might not turn out to be anything but I remember Richard telling Alex he wasn’t his Chosen at the beginning of Bound, but the way he said it made me wonder if the position still wasn’t filled and that the contest over it was never finished. Think of what has happened over the last ten years while he was gone.

1. Deleo spent her time watching over Richard’s mansion and doing little else, while Alex was forging his own path as a mage, getting his own shop, allies an apprentice and honing his skills. And during his dealings with Rachel, Alex has always come out ahead.

2. During the business with the fateweaver Rachel lost in combat to Onyx, while Alex defeated him and also overcame Abithriax.

3. When Rachel and Alex were captured by Belthas, Alex broke free, rescued Rachel and ended up causing Belthas’s demise.

4. When the Nightstalkers attacked Alex he turned it to his advantage and used Rachel to take most of them out.

5. And ever since Richard returned, Rachel has followed him unquestionably and has been demoted and sidelined. Alex on the other hand has not, even when he was forced to work for Richard, he eventually broke out of it and has since become a Junior Council Member with enough power that most of the mages in Great Britain fear/respect/are aware of him, something I don’t think Rachel can come close to claiming.

Again this could just be me overthinking this, titles seem to matter little to Dark Mages, but if I had to choose a Chosen who would follow in my footsteps and was strong enough to do I would pick Alex. Perhaps that is another reason why Richard wants Alex on his side so badly, if he wants to leave a legacy and Rachel was the only alternative, no wonder he seems to overlook Alex’s actions that are against him.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

I still don’t know exactly what Richard’s attitude towards Alex is, but I’m pretty sure he’s disappointed in Deleo, since whatever it was he was hoping she’d grow into, she apparently hasn’t done it. God knows why he thought she would, but whatever the test was, she seems to have failed.

I’m not sure that has anything to do with the contest for Chosen, though. I’d always assumed that Rachel won, and now Richard’s not happy about how it turned out. Hadn’t considered the possibility that he might not have seen it as having ended, that’s a weird one. Though I suppose it’s not as if he ever made an announcement . . .

From: Phillip

Why the heck did Richard make Rachel use the crystal to steal her friend’s powers, knowing it would drive Rachel insane (we have evidence he’s seen reports of the effects of this magic on past users)? I mean, who wants an INSANE chosen?! It seems self-defeating! Is this just a weird experiment he did on Rachel, and he used the promise of a “chosen” to manipulate someone into doing it to see what would happen for himself? Might this point to some plan he has to increase his own powers/steal someone else’s power?

I don’t know, some of Richard and Morden’s process in developing a “chosen” seem to be silly to me. Is there a stage we haven’t seen where these powerful bullies get smart or die, and only the bullies who smarten up last?

So based on some recent developments, I think your middle guess is the right one. Deleo being insane isn’t some master plan of Richard’s where he’s playing some elaborate chess game years in advance and having a crazy super-powerful water mage is Step 11 or whatever. He just wanted a super-powerful and super-loyal Chosen, and the process had some issues. Deleo isn’t that way because Richard wanted her to be, she’s a (mostly) failed experiment.

And yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happens with Dark mages. The powerful bully types cause a lot of trouble for a few years, then they piss off the wrong person and they die. The ones who last are the ones like Richard and Morden and Chalice.

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hi Luna, just a few quick questions today. The first ones are about Dreamstones.

Is it your’s and Alex’s understanding that Richard used his dreamstone to compel the jinn to offer a deal; a partnership of sorts, with Anne? Now that I think about it, not with Anne, but with Anne’s hidden alter-ego, or maybe alter-id is a better description.

Has Alex tested his dreamstone under different conditions to find its limits? For example, has he asked you, Anne or Vari go to the Hollow and try to contact you there or vice versa? Alex went to the shadowrealm and tried to contact you in London?

Has Alex tried to contact Starbreeze with his dreamstone?

My last questions aren’t about dreamstones, it’s about mage ranking. Technically, you could be described as a journeyman mage, even though you don’t work directly with the Light Council. Caldera is a journeyman mage, and her former partner; I can’t remember his name at the moment, told Alex that Caldera is stuck at her current level because she doesn’t know how to play the political game (of sucking up to higher ups in one the factions within the Council.) I could be wrong, but it seemed that getting promoted means more than getting a new job title. What I’m trying to ask is what is the next level beyond journeyman? If, in a more just world Caldera was promoted to Rain’s position; assuming the position became open, aside from being being called Captain Caldera, is there a mage ranking she would be called, or would she just be referred to as a full mage?

Finally, there have been a few times when Alex has used the term master mage when referring to a mage with great ability in a given area. Is that just an honorific, acknowledging someone’s experience and abilities but not a title, or is it an actual title that is earned through experience or tests?


Richard understands jinn a lot better than we do, and he can do things with his dreamstone that tie into that. Somehow he can exercise a lot of control/influence over Anne’s jinn. I don’t think it’s complete control, though: the jinn can make separate deals with Anne, and I don’t think Richard gets a say in that.

Yes, Alex has done some testing of his dreamstone’s limits, and what it can do. More on that soon.

‘Journeyman mage’ just means ‘mage’. As in, you’re not an apprentice any more. Within the Keepers, it’s also a rank, but it’s a rank because mages use it to mean an ordinary mage, if you see what I mean. I think the next Keeper rank after journeyman is lieutenant or something, but that’s only if you’re a Keeper.

There’s no test for master rank, probably because most mages who are that high ranked have way too big an ego to follow the rules of anyone else’s test. It’s mostly to do with respect.

From: Bob O`Bob

Now that Alex has the Dreamstone, has he considered whether it might help him contact Starbreeze?

Turns out he has.

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Ask Luna #143

From: Sierra

Hey Luna thanks for getting back to me with the question about Chance magic and kissing and I also wanted to say sorry about bringing up bad memories. When I said have you used kissing for bad luck I meant, for things like “Oh Natasha you are just adorable.” And then a waiter drops a tray on her and ruin her outfit and makeup. More mischief and less malice if that makes sense.

But not to waste your time I have a question about Sagash and his current apprentices at least when we last saw them. Sagash is a cliched evil/terrifying mage, his three apprentices well… they seem to be people you would meet on the subway or school. Why on earth would either side want anything to do with each other!? I could someone like Onyx, Tobruk, or Crystal being an apprentice under Sagash but those guys? Is there something I am missing here or is there more going on?

So the thing about being a Dark mage instead of a Light one – and the reason they get a lot more apprentices than you’d think – is that you don’t have to follow the rules. If you want to join the Light apprentice programme, you have to sit though tests and network and get high scores and spend a lot of time with adults who don’t treat you very well and who you don’t like very much. Basically, it’s like going to school. If you want to be a Dark apprentice, you have to find a Dark mage who’ll say yes, and that’s it. Sure, it’s dangerous, but for a lot of teenagers that’s a plus if anything.

It also gets around all the regular status ladders. With Dark mages, no-one cares if you’re the wrong class, or the wrong race, or were born to the wrong parents, or whatever. You could be a nobody for your whole life, but if you’re strong enough as a Dark mage, you can give orders to anyone and they have to deal with it. For some people, that’s a big deal.

From: Zen

Hey Luna!

Today, if you’re willing to humor me, I have 2 Theory/Questions, 1 political question, and 1 personal question.

So after spending the last week and a half reading rest of the “Ask Luna” entries, I’m pretty confident these two theories have not been addressed(but one was closely touched upon).

Regarding the Dreamstone: When Arachne first told Alex about them and what they can do, she segued into the topic by pointing out to Alex how adept he is at using Elsewhere compared to other mages. Part of her explanation is to point out that the way Imbued items influence their bearers is through Elsewhere.

In the most recent…incident…at Tiger’s Palace Alex demonstrated that with enough determination he can send thoughts/emotions directly at people via the Dreamstone even if he hasn’t practiced at linking with them previously(Landis, random Council security dude).

So my thought is this: do you think Alex would be able to disrupt/shut down (or maybe even subvert) the powers of Imbued items or foci being used by his enemies?

On a similar note, Shadow Realms are fairly closed tied to Elsewhere right? (I’d imagine so at least considering a Deep Shadow Realm is where Dreamstones are found). That being the case do you think the Dreamstone would grant Alex any additional power/control while in a Shadow Realm?

For the political question: I may have simply missed it when it happened(in which case I apologize) but how do Senior Councilors get their position? I know the Junior Council is appointed by the Senior, but how do those top seven get there? (I’m thinking of an interesting discussion Spire had with Alex…)

Finally;What’s your favorite anime? I’ve enjoyed your references to various shows throughout this column.

I appreciate your time!

Shutting down imbued or focus items sounds . . . I’m not sure. Imbued, maybe, but it’d take the form of talking them into it, I think. I’m not sure it’d work on focus items, they’re too simple.

As far as the dreamstone working in a shadow realm, you’re close, but off by a bit. It’s not shadow realms that it’s useful with.

Senior Council are appointed by other Senior Council, as far as I know.

As for favourite anime, hard to pick just one. I really liked the early seasons of Bleach (especially Rukia), though it went downhill once the Bounts showed up. Fruits Basket, too (the original, haven’t seen the remake). Full Metal Alchemist.

From: Aaron

1. Do you what part of India Chalice is from? Is her mage name a translation from English from her native language or do mages choose different names depending on what country they are in?

2. What did you think of Chalice saying you were not on the level of dark apprentices when you took your journeyman tests? I don’t believe she was belittling you or anything but at the time you could hold your own with Vari and he is a Keeper in the Order of the Shield I don’t think that younger dark mages could do that. In any event I think you would mope the floor with any Dark Apprentice especially if you didn’t fight fair.

3. On a different subject I have heard there are Independent Mages that can lean Light or Dark but do not fully commit to them. Is there any reason why they remain Independent when they could just join up with either of them?

1. She’s from Goa, though from a few things she’s said I think she might have lived in Delhi when she was young. She has an Indian mage name as well, but she chose Chalice when she graduated – it wasn’t a later translation or anything like that.

2. Oh, Chalice has a thing about Dark mages being superior. I used to think she knew something I didn’t, but now I just roll my eyes and don’t say anything – she’s a really good teacher, so it’s worth putting up with that sort of minor stuff. I think she’s got some past history on the whole subject (she seems to really have an issue with Light mages in particular), but I don’t know exactly what it is.

3. Same reason people don’t join any other group. They like the ideas, but they don’t want to pay the membership.

From: Anthony

1. So regarding Divination blocking/shrouding some diviners seem to have, do you know if this is skill that can be developed over time, or more of a just an innate talent sort of like how singing is for regular people if that makes sense? This seems like the only type of direct magic that a diviner can use even if it is on others divinations so I wonder if there are other obscure or lost to time divination skills like this? Perhaps that is how Alaundo can be good at predicting long term futures what do you think?

2. A change of subject but do you know of any common cross magical family hybrids? It seems obvious for the living and elemental families, life/death mind/charm, every combination you can imagine with the elementals, but are there some cross family combinations that are not obscure or a matter of opinion on how individual mages view their magic?

1. Good question, but I don’t know enough about divination to tell you. This is the sort of thing that only specialists know.

2. You get some kinds of life/elemental hybrids that focus on personal power and enhancement, and force hybrids are pretty common as well. Charm and mind and illusion and radiation/light/darkness magic show up in various blends.

From: Ted

Hello Luna, i was re-reading the series and i noticed no one mentioned Vari’s mage name. I was curious if he picked ne out yet. Also i noticed that the description of the third being in Deleo’s head is really similar to the quick peek Alex had of the Jinn in Anne’s Elsewhere. I was wondering if you guys considered that she might have a lesser Jinn running around in her head. Thank you for answering my questions.

Vari’s got a mage name, yup. We just never use it.

And yes. Good spot.

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Ask Luna #142

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hello Luna, I have another question (or two) for you.

You’ve stated that the Light Council have been a greater immediate threat to Alex and your group than Richard Drakh. Do you still believe that’s true?

Let me clarify that a bit. After the latest series of events it appears that for the first time in Alex’s life, and the first time for all of you, you’ve not only survived Richard Drakh’s machinations, you’ve defeated them. Congratulations by the way.

Have you, Varium, Anne or Alex mentioned the possibility that by thwarting Richard, you’ve now gone to the top of his “to do” list? I hate to be a dower by asking that question, but I think it’s one all of you should consider.

On an unrelated topic, it appears to me that Alex is becoming quite skilled in political maneuvering against older and more experienced opponents on the Junior Council. Aside from allowing Alex to dodge attempts on his life by Levistus, has Alex said if he enjoys being a politician?

Yes, the Council’s a bigger problem for us than Richard, and not just by a little, by a lot. I mean, count up the number of times one of us has been attacked on Council orders against the number of times one of us has been attacked on Richard’s orders. The biggest threat to us from Richard’s side of the fence is Deleo, and that’s because she specifically keeps DISOBEYING Richard’s orders to leave us alone. Yes, that might change, and yes, Richard is a problem for Alex especially, but that’s a future problem and the Council is a now problem.

Re: Alex being a politician, he’s got mixed feelings. He’s gotten pretty good at the maneuvering part, and he likes being able to see those kinds of threats coming and defend himself. But I think all the lies and double meanings have been wearing him down. He can never really relax at the War Rooms, the only times he can do that is with us.

From: Liam

The way I’ve heard scrying described, a space mage opens a small portal and looks through it, which also allows the person they’re spying on to see them. Would it be possible to attack someone through one of these small portals by firing a gun into it?

Probably. I think normal scrying portals are meant to be only permeable to light, or something, but I’m sure you could make a mini-gate that would work the same way as a larger one. It’d be more obvious, though.

From: Dakota

Does Alex have mantis golems of his own? Or did Morden already “appropriate” them? Although Belthas wasn’t on the Council, he had enough influence to get some. On the other hand, it’s likely the Council doesn’t exactly want the Dark representative to have them.

There’s some kind of requisition system. And no, Morden never had any. The Council were unhappy enough with letting him on board, they absolutely weren’t signing over any golems to him.

From: Deborah

Do you think Alex’s hestitation with Anne is subconsciously based on richard’s warning about a dark mage having compassion

Hope not. I think it’s more to do with Alex being Alex.

From: Brenden

Hey Luna just have a few questions about the Light Council and the various factions.

1. This may be a moot question now, but how did the Unity Faction see/justify Dark Mages/True Path as two sides of the same coin for the Light Mages? I know that the world is not black or white, but in theory the Light Council is supposed to guide and protect humanity, while Dark Mages seem to think power is what power does. Even though quite a few Light Mages are power driven, they do it in a relatively organized fashion, while Dark Mages can barely get five people to work together at least usually. How there been arguments that can explain this or is this just a case of ignoring the obvious for the sake of believing in something on blind faith because you think the results are worth it?

2. I remember Talsid talking about how the Guardians and Directors historically do not get along and I suspect that has to with manipulating the normal population. Has there been any for lack of a better word moral reason that does not have to do with power that Directors would want to do this that would make sense from a Guardian perspective. With the Crusaders being one end of extremism it would make sense that the Directors would have at the other end of the spectrum some moral reason to do so, one would hope at least.

3. How do the Isolationist and Guardian factions get along? I have not heard them interacting much, unless Druss the Red is one, I thought he was a Guardian at first with his more hands on approach to things but apparently only Bahamus and Sal Sarque are the only ones on the Senior Council. Is this just a unique character trait of Druss the Red, or are Isolationists much more active then their titles would suggest?

This stuff is REALLY not my speciality, you know . . .

1. I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably something to do with how the higher you go in the Light Council, the more they drift towards Dark behaviour, while the more successful Dark mages seem to pick up bits of non-Dark behaviour when it comes to working together.

2. No clue. Sorry.

3. Druss and Bahamus are more Guardians, Sal Sarque’s more of a Crusader-type. I’m not sure there are any serious Isolationists on the Council, unless you count Spire. But I might be getting this wrong, I have trouble following it to be honest. Council politics are really damn complicated and everyone on the Senior Council has some sort of tie to pretty much every faction.

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Fallen Chapter 2

As promised, here’s Chapter 2 of the tenth Alex Verus book, Fallen!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

One month to the US release.

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Fallen Chapter 1 online!

Chapter 1 of Fallen is online!  You can read it here.  

I tried a slightly different formatting method this time, so the chapter should look a little nicer.  Should probably go back and do the other extracts in the same style, but I’m never sure how many people read these things once the book’s come out.  

As promised, I’ll be posting chapter 2 of Fallen online as well, since this one isn’t entirely representative of the rest of the book.  It’ll go live next week.  

Fallen will be out in the US in five and a half weeks, on September 24, and will be out in the UK in eight weeks, on October 10.  

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Ask Luna #141

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hi Luna!

This may be an odd question, but have you or Alex; as far as you know, thought about how Richard Drakh originally found Alex and his other apprentices?

Even when Alex got in Rachel/Deleo’s head, her memory had Shireen telling Rachel that Richard found her first and starting asking Shireen what she wanted. (By the way, that seems to be a question both Richard Drakh and Mage Mordan like to ask, but perhaps it’s a topic best left for another time.)

You have stated in an answer to someone else’s question that diviners can’t really be spotted using Mage Sight. I’m trying to think of other ways Richard might have used and I can only come up with two and both are questionable.

I suppose Richard may have built a database of every known mage; whether Light, Dark or Independent, who lived within the UK in the past few hundred years and then tracked down all their descendants and then narrowed down that list to those descendants within the UK who were teenagers and had them watched for signs of magical ability. Morden once told Alex that Richard had expended a considerable effort to recruit him and doing what I described would take a considerable effort, but it doesn’t feel right to me. It is too mundane a solution. I suppose Richard could have also used a chance mage or several chance mages to help him search for the kind of budding young mages who would serve his purposes, or perhaps Richard Drakh is a chance mage. That feels to me like a better solution, but still a questionable one. What do you think, or has Alex had any ideas on this question?

If I had to guess, I’d put my money on it being less about magic and more about psychology. Alex has told me about what his magic was like for him in the early days, and from the sounds of it, divination’s the most traumatic magic to learn on your own by a LONG way. You’re constantly getting flashes of future sight at the worst times and with no control at all. It takes years to learn how to manage it properly, and quite a few diviners just go raving mad and never manage it at all.

So if you want to find a diviner, you just need to look for the kid who’s switching between being creepily prescient and totally insane. Still a tall order, but if you’re willing to comb through enough schools . . .

From: Kevin

1. Do you know if summoning magic was an advanced form of space magic sort of like how Fate magic is a specific form of divination?

2. Do you think Wish magic and Fate magic overlap in some way? They both seem to grant it’s bearer whatever they want, or am I just overthinking it?

3. Do you think chance magic is a lesser form of wish magic? Or do you think it has more in common with Fate magic?

1. I know there’s an overlap, though I don’t know much more than that. Summoning’s its own thing and it tends to be done via ritual magic instead of with on-the-fly spells.

2. Kinda. From what I understand, fate magic is still limited by possibility – it’s more like divination or chance in that it works with what’s already there, while wish magic can just make stuff out of nowhere. Wish magic seems a lot more powerful in theory, though I’m not sure how it works out in practice.

3. Chance is a lot closer to fate, though from what I understand the mindsets are really different. Chance is all about riding luck and steering it, fate is about directing and making orders. Or something like that. It doesn’t translate very well into words.

From: Warren

Has Arachne ever met Richard? She seems to know a lot about how he operates, what his worldview is, and possibly what makes him tick so to speak. Have they ever worked together or does she have a really good intelligence network?

Good spot. Yeah, they’ve met. Arachne didn’t seem keen on talking about the specifics. Richard would probably be willing to say more, but for obvious reasons I’m not going to ask.

From: Eric

1. Is there a reason the Light Council has not attacked Richard at his mansion? Or even Onyx at Morden’s mansion, seems like it is too tempting to pass up or am I missing something?

2. How has Onyx been handling Morden’s escape? I don’t think it is going to be good considering how bad his has been as a Chosen.

3. How has the rest of the magical world been reacting to this conflict? Do you think the British Light Council might call on the other Light Councils for help if things get worse?

1. You’re assuming they haven’t.

2. Stayed put in his mansion, basically daring Morden to come take it back. He hasn’t yet.

3. I don’t know how the rest of the world’s been reacting, though a few individuals have gotten involved. The British Council might call on the other Councils, but they’d have to be REALLY desperate. They’d be massively humiliated, and whichever Council they asked would want major concessions. They’d basically have to be facing total annihilation before they’d do it.

From: Izzy

Have you guys ever thought about Richard invading your shadow realm? I know it is supposed to be really difficult but he had no problem getting into Sagash’s realm or out of the Vault. Are there any precautions Alex could take like alarms, constructs or mines? Kinda of awful I have to think that but whatever helps right?

Oh, trust me, we’ve thought about it. We’ve got some pretty thorough defence plans, but for security reasons I don’t really want to talk about the details. Basically, you can assume that if it’s something that’s happened before, or something we’ve got good reason to think is likely to happen soon, we’ve probably planned for it.

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A few announcements and dates:

My Reddit AMA will be on October 17th, one week after Fallen’s UK release.  

The Audible audiobook edition of Fallen will be out on October 10th, the same day as its UK release, while the US audio CD edition will be out on September 24th, along with the US release.  This is, however, only based on what I can find on Amazon.  I regularly get asked when the audio editions for my books are due to be released, and unfortunately I can’t give much of an answer.  Neither my audiobook publisher nor Audible communicate with me, which means the only information I have is what’s publicly available online.  

With the release date of Fallen drawing closer, I’ll be putting up the first chapter online, probably in mid-August.  In this case, though, just reading the first chapter may feel a little more incomplete than usual, for reasons that’ll become clear once you read it, so I’m planning to put up the second chapter as well a little while after.  

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