Website Update

Now that I’ve got some free time, I’ve spent a day or so going through this site and doing various pieces of long-overdue maintenance.  The Encyclopaedia has finally been fixed (all of the articles should now be linked directly from that one page), the Ask Luna section has had a touch-up, and I’ve cleaned up the pages for the Alex Verus novels as well as adding placeholder pages for the US and UK editions of Alex Verus #7, Burned.  Let me know if you guys find any broken links or pages and I’ll fix them!

Other than that, everything’s peaceful.  Should be getting my edits back in another couple of weeks (whereupon everything will become busy again) but for now I’m enjoying my holiday.

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UK Audio Release of All Alex Verus Books Up To Hidden

Some good news for this week!  As my US readers who are into audiobooks probably know, the Alex Verus books are all available in the US in audio format, published by Tantor Media.  However, for my UK readers who want an audio edition, the news hasn’t been so good – the only one that’s had a UK audio release has been Fated.

I’m happy to announce that this has just changed!  As of yesterday, Alex Verus numbers #2 through #5 – that’s Cursed, Taken, Chosen, and Hidden – have been released in audio format in the UK.  You can read the Orbit announcement on their website, and you can listen to samples of all the currently available Alex Verus novels on SoundCloud through the links below:


I’m also planning to do some housekeeping and cleanup of this website over the next few weeks – various parts of the site have been somewhat neglected over the past months while I’ve been busy with finishing the last book.  Expect a few minor changes, content edits, etc.  I don’t expect any of the pages to be renamed, though, so any bookmarks should still work.

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Time Off and Titles

With Alex Verus #7 sent off to my publishers and beta readers, I’ve been relaxing the past week.

The period after I finish a book but before I get my edits back is the closest I get to a real holiday. Technically I can take holidays at any time I like, just like any other self-employed person . . . the only problem is that while I’m doing that, I’m not writing, which means I’m not producing books to sell, which means I’m not getting paid, which tends to take the fun out of holidays after a relatively short period of time. But after I’ve sent off a first draft, there isn’t really any writing to do. I can’t really start work on the next book in the series until the events in the last one are finalised, so while I’m waiting for the edits I can take a break without feeling guilty about it. (It also helps that I usually spend the last month of writing a book in a deadline frenzy, so by the time the manuscript goes out I’m pretty exhausted anyway.)

So I’ve been spending my time relaxing and working on the giant pile of odd-jobs that have accumulated over the past couple of months while I’ve been writing and neglecting everything else. (To those of you who’ve emailed or sent in Ask Luna questions with no response as yet:  this would be why. Sorry.) Should have that sorted out in another week or two.

One piece of news I do have: we have a provisional title for Alex Verus #7! It’s looking like it’ll be called Burned. This is quite a bit earlier in the developmental cycle than for other books, but then this one will be coming out relatively soon, in April 2016; yes, I know that doesn’t sound like soon, but it’s actually pretty quick by publisher standards.

Okay, off to start work on the Ask Lunas. We’ve got at least a couple of weeks’ worth of questions saved up!

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After a solid week of writing and not much else, Alex Verus #7 is done.  Sent the first draft off to the publishers last night.

I’m going to go collapse for a while now.

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Still Working

Current status: still writing.
Alex Verus #7 word count: 105,000-ish.
Completion status: still not done.
ETA of first draft: hopefully soon.
Amount of spare time: low.
Amount of spare energy: also low.

Shooting for next week for the finished manuscript.  We’ll see if I make it.

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Podcast is Up

Anton Strout has just put up the interview that I did with him last week for the Once and Future Podcast.  You can find it here!

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Podcast Interview

Just did an audio interview with Anton Strout, on the Once and Future Podcast.  It should be going up sometime soon – I’ll post the link once it’s online!

Alex Verus #7 is still inching towards the finish line.  Passed the 100,000 words mark, still not done.  More news when I have it.

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Post-Easter and Other News

So, Eastercon’s come and gone.  As things turned out, instead of the detectives panel (which I do know something about), I ended up on a panel about faeries (which I really don’t). Still, I did my best, and hopefully didn’t embarrass myself too much.

Other than the panel, one of the two main highlights was the Kaffeeklatsch.  I was worried that no-one was going to show up, so it was very nice to have a full table of people.  Thanks to all of you who signed up and came along;  I had a very enjoyable hour and I loved talking to all of you!

The other big highlight for me was getting to meet Jim Butcher.  It’s the weirdest feeling to finally get to meet someone whose books you’ve been reading for years and years.  Jim was both immensely friendly and very nice, especially given how busy he was (he was the Guest of Honour and being shuttled around from one event to another, but still found the time to chat).

Other than that, I’m still working away on Alex Verus #7 – it’s still progressing, if slower than I’d like, and it’s definitely going to be significantly longer than the previous books.  Current word count is heading towards 100,000, and I suspect it’ll be over that by the time it finishes.  Don’t know exactly when that’ll be, but I hope it’ll be soon.

Well, back to work.  Just a little bit more . . .

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Eastercon this Monday!

I’m going to be at Eastercon three days from now, on Monday 6th!

The timetable’s been changing around a lot at the last minute.  At the moment it looks as though I should be on a panel at 11.15 am, followed by one of the Kaffeeklatsches afterwards.  I haven’t had it finally confirmed, though, so if you’re going to be there and want to find me, I recommend checking the programme to see where I’ll be.  (I’ll be doing the same thing.)

In the meantime, I’m still doing my best to finish Alex Verus #7.  Busy busy!

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Home Stretch

The first draft of Alex Verus #7 has just nudged up over 87,000 words.  Normally this would mean the book’s only a few thousand words or so from completion . . . except that I’ve got the feeling that this one’s going to be a little longer than usual.

On the plus side, that means you guys get a longer book.  On the minus side, there’s really no realistic chance that I’m going to hit my March 31st deadline (I’ve been a week or two behind schedule for months now, and while I haven’t gotten any further behind, I haven’t managed to close the gap either).  The book will definitely be done some time in April, but I don’t know exactly when.  But since the deadline was primarily a self-imposed one, it’s not really a huge deal.  I’ll just do what I can to get it done, hopefully by mid-April or so.  For now, I just need to work my way through the climax.

I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions when this one comes out.  It’s really quite different from the past ones.  Let’s hope you guys like it!

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