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Encyclopaedia Arcana #33: Space Magic

Space magic gives control over location and distance, and space mages can bend, pierce, and manipulate space, allowing them to direct the movement of other people or objects and travel vast distances in the blink of an eye.  Although one … Continue reading

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Off to FantasyCon

I’m off to Brighton for FantasyCon for Friday and Saturday!  Details are here.  A new Encyclopaedia article will post automatically tomorrow, and I’ll have more news next week.

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Encyclopaedia Arcana #32: Magesight

The ability to see and analyse magic is one of the distinctive abilities of mages.  Although any sensitive can detect the presence of magic, when people refer to “magesight” they mean something more. Seeing is Believing All sensitives, adepts, and … Continue reading

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FantasyCon next week!

I’m going to be at FantasyCon 2012 in Brighton on 28th and 29th September! The current events I’m booked for are: 2pm-3pm Friday (Fitzherbert Room):  Blurring the Genre Boundaries 8pm-9:30pm Friday (Regency Lounge):  Mass Signing 10am-11am Saturday (Russell Room):  Fantasy … Continue reading

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Alex Verus: The Future

It’s been six months now since the first Alex Verus novel, Fated, was released.  I’ve done a lot of interviews since then and one of the most common questions I get asked is whether there’ll be more Alex Verus books … Continue reading

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Taken Reviews

Here’s the first batch of reviews for Taken! Review from The Bookbag, by Ani Johnson Review from SF Site, by Katherine Petersen Review from All Things Urban Fantasy, by Kristina And one from Under the Covers(requires a clickthrough). There’s also … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #4

From: Hugh Lorrie Hi Luna Do mages recognise any form if religion? Do they have their own or do they belong to normal religions? Normal religions, as far as I know.  I’ve never asked our teachers about it but Anne’s … Continue reading

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Taken UK release!

And it’s finally here!  The UK edition of Taken is available for sale as of today, September 6th. As always, you can buy it via this website, and the first chapter has been available for free for a month or … Continue reading

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