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Ask Luna #185

From: Kevin Hey Luna just two quick questions. Have you ever heard of Death Magic and Mind Magic forming a hybrid? I heard Life could with Mind as personal enhancement effects if Death was mixed with Mind and would it … Continue reading

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Alex Verus Compared To Other Series

. . . by length, that is. Ethan Sholly has done an in-depth listing of popular fantasy and sci-fi series sorted by their total word counts.  He’s still updating it (and some of the series aren’t finished), but here’s a … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #184

From: Daniel Okay, so, did the Fateweaver kill Alex and take his memories/personality or what? Some explanation of how this question came about and why it bugs me enough to ask: The Epilogue of Risen is written from your point … Continue reading

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Quiet Month

Not much news this week.  I’ve been busy with the rewrite, version 5. ‘Quiet’ is how things are likely to stay for the next couple of months.  Apart from the next German Alex Verus translation (which is releasing in May), … Continue reading

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Starting Again

Well, after seven weeks of notes and planning, I’ve started what I really, really hope is going to be the final rewrite of the new book.  I’ve got this one labelled in my notes as version 5, which should be … Continue reading

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