• Length:  32,000 words
  • Format:  Amazon Kindle Ebook
  • Price:  $3.99
  • Release Date:  October 31st 2022
  • Featured Characters:  Anne, Talisid, Alex


A novella set in the Alex Verus universe.  It takes place four months after the events of Alex Verus #12, Risen.

Daniel is an adept who uses his magical talents to make a living as a small-time thief.  When he and his friends are hired by a mysterious mage to steal a ring from a cabin in the Romanian woods, it seems like easy money.  But all is not as it seems, and Daniel will quickly learn that nobody involved with this theft is exactly who they claim to be.  As the members of the group start to turn on one another, Daniel and his friends must discover the truth behind what they’ve found, before it’s too late.  Because this forest isn’t empty . . . and their actions have disturbed something that would have been better left alone.  


This is a sort of extra epilogue to the Alex Verus series.  It gives an outsider’s view of Anne, Talisid, and Alex, and shows how one of those characters in particular has developed in the aftermath of the events of Risen.

Be warned that this story is a little darker than usual for the Alex Verus series – you could still just about call it urban fantasy, but at this point it’s probably more accurate to consider it horror.  It doesn’t contain gratuitous sex or gore, but I wouldn’t recommend it for children.


As of the time of writing, Gardens is only available as an ebook from the Kindle Store.  You can purchase it here.