Fated (US)

Alex Verus is a diviner, able to see the future.  This is impressive to most people but less so to other mages, who can do things like throw fire, disintegrate things, and fly.  Right now Alex has a problem – a site’s been discovered containing an ancient and powerful relic, and lots of people are looking for a diviner to open it, including a trio of dark mages, a faction of the Council with an agenda of their own, and a shadowy figure out of Alex’s past, all of whom are looking to recruit, press-gang, or kill Alex, not necessarily in that order.

As if that’s not enough, Alex has to take care of his would-be apprentice, who has some connection to the relic which is making her a target as well . . . and who also just happens to carry a curse that’ll kill anyone who gets too close, assuming the mages hunting her don’t do it first.  His allies are an air elemental with the memory of a goldfish and a creature living under Hampstead Heath that would make most people run screaming.

Sometimes seeing the future isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Praise for Fated

 “Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus tremendously–and be a little nervous around him.  I just added Benedict Jacka to my must-read list.”

– Jim Butcher

“Jacka writes a deft thrill-ride of an Urban Fantasy – a stay-up-all-night read.  Alex Verus is a very smart man surviving in a very dangerous world.”

– Patricia Briggs

“Jacka deftly invents the rules of magic as he goes along, creating an emotionally satisfying story arc and a protagonist who will keep readers coming back.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Believable and well-developed characters, lots of action, enough suspense to keep one up all night and a new twist on magic . . . Few writers have mastered the ability to bring so many different types of characters to life so vividly.”

– SFSite

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As of December 24th 2013, Fated is also available as an audiobook!  You can find it at the publisher’s website.