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Encyclopaedia Arcana #27: Charm Magic

Charm magic, otherwise known as emotion magic, is the domain of feeling, giving its users the power to sense and control the emotions of others.  Depending on whether they’re male or female, a charm mage is usually called an enchanter … Continue reading

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Taken Covers & Extract

Here are the UK and US covers for Taken, as well as the first chapter! UK: And US: And you can now read the full first chapter of Taken in the Extracts section. There’s more news (and so far it … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #2

From: Alette Dear Luna, How long does a mage’s apprenticeship usually last, and at what age do they usually start learning?   They start learning whenever they get taken on by a mage, whether that’s at 13 or at 23. … Continue reading

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Cursed Review Roundup

I’ve been meaning to put up more reviews of Cursed for a while, and since the first reviews of Taken are already coming out, I really shouldn’t leave it any later.  So without further ado, here are the links! Shades of Sentience … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #1

From: Elana Hi, I’m interested in learning more about different types of magic, including ones that aren’t mentioned in the Encyclopedia Arcana. Can you tell me more about how the abilities of enchanters work? Also, are there such things as sound mages, and … Continue reading

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PW Starred Review for Taken

Publishers’ Weekly already gave starred reviews to Fated and Cursed, and now Taken makes it three for three! Jacka’s excellent third urban fantasy thriller starring British freelance diviner Alex Verus (after Cursed) features magical dueling with prestige and lives at stake … Continue reading

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Encyclopaedia Arcana #26: The Keeper Orders

The Keepers are divided into three orders which function as largely separate entities.  Keepers from different orders may work together, but usually don’t. The Order of the Star The Order of the Star is the largest of the orders.  Their … Continue reading

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The Cursed Blog Tour Draws To A Close

It’s been over a month but the last stops on the Cursed blog tour are finishing up.  Actually, to be honest, they finished up a while ago, I’ve just taken a while to link to them.  We’ve got an interview … Continue reading

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