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Encyclopaedia Arcana #31: Mind Magic

Mind magic gives dominion over thoughts and memories.  It overlaps with charm magic, but while charm mages focus on feeling and emotion, mind mages specialise in controlling and interpreting conscious mental activity.  Mind mages are quite common and their magic … Continue reading

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Taken is released in the US today!

It feels like only a little while ago that Fated was coming out, but now book 3 in the Alex Verus series, Taken, is out in the US! As always, you can read more about it here on the website … Continue reading

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Guide to the Tiger’s Palace

I’ve got a new piece up at All Things Urban Fantasy, as part of their Deadly Destinations series:  it’s a travel guide to the Tiger’s Palace, which features in the third Alex Verus novel, Taken (which comes out this week).  They’re … Continue reading

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Encyclopaedia Arcana #30: Force Magic

Force magic is the magic of direct physical movement.  While force spells are often referred to as constructions of kinetic energy, they are better understood in terms of momentum.  Force mages can redirect and alter the momentum of objects and … Continue reading

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One Week To Taken! (Or two if you’re in the UK.)

The third book in the Alex Verus series, Taken, is released in the US next week, on the 28th of August!  As usual, UK readers will have to wait a little longer until the UK release on September 6th.

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Cursed Review Sunday

I know Taken’s coming out soon, but we’ve just gotten two lengthy and detailed reviews of Cursed, one by Mihir Wanchoo of Fantasy Book Critic and the other by Paul Wiseall of Fantasy Faction.  Both are worth a look! In … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #3

From: Orion Hi, I was interested in the abilities that space mages and life mages have? Also, do mages have an increased lifespan compared to humans?  Life mages are healers.  They can fix just about anything that’s wrong with a … Continue reading

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Blackwells High Fantasy Night

Just a quick note that I’m going to be at Blackwells High Fantasy Night this Friday, August 17th, along with the Fantasy Faction guys.  Might see some of you there!

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Encyclopaedia Arcana #29: Life Magic

Life magic grants power over the biological systems of living beings, affecting their health, growth, and physiology.  Life mages can both sense and affect other living creatures, and do so extremely effectively.  They tend to be treated with respect or … Continue reading

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Second printing of Fated and Cursed!

Just got the news that Fated and Cursed have been reprinted in the UK.  First time I’ve ever gotten a reprint, so it’s pretty exciting! And another review of Taken has come in, this one from SFRevu!

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