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Hidden Update

Was going to do an Encyclopaedia article on sound magic for today, but decided instead to do a brief update on the status of Alex Verus #5, aka Hidden. This book’s taken a little longer to complete than the previous … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #21

From: Margery I love the books, they really make me think and help me relax. So thank you. How old is Alex? He turned 31 last month. He never does anything for his birthday, so we ended up throwing him … Continue reading

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Encyclopaedia Arcana #60: Shapeshift Magic

Shapeshifting is one of the most iconic of all magic types, but also one of the least common. True shapeshifting masters are very rare, more so than the great majority of life magic types and even most types of universalist. … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #20

From: April Heya, so I just finished reading Chosen, which I really liked by the way, I’ve read all of the Alex Verus books pretty recently. But I was wondering if you’re going to write a fifth novel? If you … Continue reading

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Heffalumps and Royalties

A minor bit of news for this week, but it made me happy, so I’m sharing it.  While I was in the USA, I got my first royalty check in the mail. Some background for those not familiar with the … Continue reading

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