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Bound ARCs are here

The first paper copies of Bound are arriving.  They’re just for me (you guys don’t get to pick them up just yet) but here’s a picture so you can see what they look like!   This isn’t how the finished … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #76

From: Xexas Luna are there any magic types that con only be passed down hereditarily. Not as far as I know. If there were, they probably wouldn’t last that long. Mages tend not to have big families, and while there’s … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #75

From: Yoshi Alex says that there are 4 magical mean of transport gating using mounts like pegasi elementals like starbreeze but also Taias what are Taias exactly? Giant birds with rainbow-coloured wings. Apparently they used to be a lot more … Continue reading

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Bound Cover – US Edition

This one is a little later than planned, since I’ve had the first draft sitting around for a while now, but I just recently got a finished version of the US cover for Bound, so here it is!  Once again, … Continue reading

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