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Encyclopaedia Arcana #55: Normals and Magic (Part One)

One question that apprentices and adepts always ask sooner or later is how magic stays secret.  If so many people can use and detect magic, why doesn’t everyone know about it?  Why hasn’t the existence and practice of magic been … Continue reading

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Felicia Day reviews Alex Verus

Felicia Day has done a very enthusiastic set of reviews for the Alex Verus series!  You can read them here: Fated Cursed Taken I’m guessing a good number of those who read this blog know who Felicia Day is already, … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #11

And part 2 of the comment clearout.  Here’s the last lot.   Comment from Orion: two suggestions.. an ask Alex to give Luna a break, she probably doesn’t even get paid the poor thing. And a shape shifting encyclopaedia entry … Continue reading

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Some More Reviews

A set of three this time, from KD Did It Takes On Books.  There have been other reviews of the Alex Verus series that I liked recently – these are just the ones I remembered to link to here! Fated … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #10

A bunch of questions have been building up in the comment sections, so I figured I’d clear them out.  Here’s the first batch.   Comment from Juliette Gregson: Hypnotism, real or fake..? Uh, what? Comment from Angelika: I have like … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #9

From: Eric You said previously that mages have the same lifespan as normals. With modern knowledge of genetics, free radicals, and telomeres shouldn’t a life mage or shapeshifter be able to repair or undo the damage that causes aging? This … Continue reading

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State of the Verusverse

Now that the Advanced Divination series is finished, I thought I’d take a break before getting back to more Encyclopaedia articles.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a news post, so here’s a general update on what’s going on … Continue reading

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