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Ask Luna #25

From: Josh Hi Luna, So the Encyclopaedia says that fire magic is just the manipulation of heat. If that’s so, then why are fire and ice magic separate things? The best way to think of it is to remember that … Continue reading

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Hidden Proofs and Alex Verus #6

Proof copies of Hidden have arrived!  I usually try to give the proofs of my books a read-over, but this time I doubt I’ll be able to – the new book’s taking up all my work time. Still, everything’s on … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #24

From: Thomas I would really love to be a Mage but unfortunately I’m not but could you tell me the different types of Mage anyway? The most common magic types are: Elemental mages:  Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Force, Ice Living … Continue reading

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Second Anniversary

As of this week, we’ve just passed the two-year mark for the release of Fated!  Last year I did a ‘First Anniversary’ post, where I looked back on everything that had happened since Fated’s publication.  Now it’s the second anniversary … Continue reading

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