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Ask Luna #19

From: cymage (yes, this is the name I’ve been using for years) I didn’t say anything. Harry Dresden is the mage that is in the phone book in Chicago – Alex mentioned him. Are you aware of any trips to … Continue reading

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Liz Loves Books – interview/review

I did a short interview with Liz of Liz Loves Books – you can find it here.  She’s got reviews of Fated and Cursed up there as well, with Taken and Chosen coming soon! In the meantime I’m busy rewriting … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #18

From: Apollo Hi Luna. Sorry about these extra questions. I know you hate separate questions so I’ll try to keep them short. If you don’t have the time leave these questions till later Are mages naturally mentally unstable or does … Continue reading

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More Chosen Reviews (plus a giveaway)

Some more reviews before this Friday’s Ask Luna! BookSwarm has another Speed Date with Alex.  Apparently their dater is quite danger-tolerant, because she hasn’t given up yet. The Bookbag has a very complimentary review of Chosen to go with their … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #17

From: Yolani Perera Hey Luna, I found “Fated” at the library and fell in love with the series… Where can I buy the other books(hard copies)? The library won’t be updating their collection anytime soon-I asked-and online stores don’t ship … Continue reading

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More Chosen

I was thinking about doing an Ask Luna column for this Friday (I’ve got a good couple of posts worth of questions in the queue) . . . but hey, I don’t get to have a new book out every … Continue reading

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Chosen UK Release!

  Chosen’s out in the UK at last!  You can buy it from Amazon, B&N, and lots of other places. For those who missed it the first time round, here’s an article hosted by John Scalzi on the ideas behind … Continue reading

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