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chosenUS100I was thinking about doing an Ask Luna column for this Friday (I’ve got a good couple of posts worth of questions in the queue) . . . but hey, I don’t get to have a new book out every week.  So here’s more Chosen reviews instead!

Fantasy Book Review
Falcata Times

Chosen’s also been picking up a ton of five-star reviews on Amazon US, which you can read here.  I’m really happy about the response Chosen’s received so far – I don’t think I’ve had a single bit of negative feedback as yet.  At the time I finished writing Chosen I thought that it was my best book yet, so it’s good to know that so many people agree!

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8 Responses to More Chosen

  1. I’m waiting for the postman, then it’s Chosen time! 🙂

  2. So am I. Was hoping for yesterday but it wasn’t to be.

  3. I found a copy in Waterstones last week, excellent read and can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Betty says:

    I got it two days ago – Amazon was quick this time. Couldn’t read it because I was sick, just browsed through the first chapter I’d already read here. And today I read the whole book in a few hours. Brilliant, the best in the series so far, in my opinion. Now waiting for the next one…

  5. Steve Page says:

    Just read Chosen – and I agree it s the best yet. You continue to add layers to your characters but manage to leave enough unsaid to keep the mystery there. And the story is great as well. So thank you – I got it Thursday and finished Saturday. But Orbit have to find another quote for the front cover, Butcher’s praise is wearing thin now. You’re better than that!

  6. Ellery says:

    I impulse-bought “Chosen” at Waterstones yesterday (meant to save it as a reward for finishing my essay, but oh well). It was the last copy and the chap behind the counter observed “We can’t seem to keep that one on the shelf”, which I consider a good thing.

    He then asked if I wanted to order a copy of Dresden Files #15, so I guess they know their audience.

    (PS I wonder if I’m the first person to go from reading the Alex Verus series to reading the Dresden Files, rather than the other way round? I read the Jim Butcher quote on “Cursed” and started picking up the Dresden Files once I’d read as far as “Taken”…)

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