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Ask Luna #29

From: Tom Hi Luna, two quick questions. Who do both you and Alex think are the most dangerous and the strongest mages? And also what do you think is the coolest/best mage discipline? Thanks for the help. There are a … Continue reading

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Fated – UK Audio Release

Okay!  So for this week we’ve got some good news, and some bad news. So, as some of you may remember, the Alex Verus novels were released in audio format in the US by Tantor a few months back.  One of the … Continue reading

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Genres and Series

Writing Alex Verus #6 has been an interesting learning experience.  In particular, it’s gotten me thinking about variations within a series. Normally, a series tends to model itself on the first volume – people pick up book one, and if they like it, they pick … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #28

From: Groundhoggoth Hi Luna, thanks for the taking the time to deal with some correspondence. It’s been clear on every occasion when your curse is active (sorry to bring that up) that Alex can see it with his mage’s senses… … Continue reading

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Sales and Royalties

Some good news for this week!  My latest set of royalty statements arrived over the weekend, and I’ve had the chance to go through them properly.  They look good – actually, very good. Advance warning: the rest of this post is … Continue reading

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