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If you’d like to send questions to Luna Mancuso at the Arcana Emporium, you can do so below.  You can also read a list of previously answered questions here.

If you’d—

You know, how about I do this myself? 

I was just giving an introduction.

There already is an introduction.  I wrote one back in 2012.  It’s not like anyone ever reads it.

So what, you want to take over this page instead?

Pretty much.  

Fine.  You’re the one who has to do the work anyway.

Thanks.  Okay, so to you guys reading this, my name is Luna Mancuso.  I’m Alex’s apprentice and shop assistant, as well as doing a bunch of other jobs, one of which is running the Arcana Emporium email account.  You can access it with the form below.  (Yes, below.  As in, the form at the bottom of the page.  Don’t send me messages any other way, because they won’t reach me.)

Ask Luna started as a kind of FAQ, where the idea was I’d answer the questions Alex didn’t have time for.  Since then it’s morphed into more of a general information thing.  So if there’s something you’re curious about that involves me, Alex, Anne, or Vari, or has to do with magic or magical creatures or the things we get up to, go ahead and write in and ask.  

You can ask me pretty much anything.  However, keep in mind the following:  

  • While you can ask me anything you want, I only have to answer the questions I want.  So if you’re asking something that’s particularly long, boring, or personal, you should probably be nice about it.  
  • Following on from the above, for the love of God, use spell-check.  Back when I started doing this I was worried I’d get emails that were creepy or threatening or something.  That hasn’t happened.  What has happened is a whole lot of messages in my inbox with spelling and grammar so bad that they’re nearly illegible.  Please at least get your question to the point where I can read it without making my eyes bleed.  
  • I have other things to do.  In fact, a lot of other things to do.  So don’t be surprised if it takes a while for me to answer.  If I’m busy with something (which I usually am) then I’ll save new messages in a queue, then when I have the time I answer a bunch of them together and post them up on the main blog.

Okay, I think that covers everything.  Have fun!

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  3. John says:

    Dear Luna,

    This is John again from the Philippines. Thank you for answering my questions last time. I have a few more:

    1. Have you been offered work yet as a chance adept, to curse someone for favors? Do you think you could or would ever take that kind of job?

    2. I’m impressed with how well you can restrain your curse lately. What do you intend to do with your magic when you “graduate” from Alex’s tutelage?

    3. Could a chance adept like yourself create a one-shot, like infuse an item with bad luck?

    4. Do you think imbued items ever dream? It would be interesting to meet one in Elsewhere, wouldn’t it, the way you met the embodiment of your curse?

    I dearly loved reading Hidden and look forward to more of your adventures.


  4. Kathy says:

    I am currently reading the third book, Taken. I have a question: Luna is cursed because she’s the firstborn in her family. Doesn’t that mean one of her parents is cursed? If so, how did they have a child? Or is it that the curse is passed on by the younger siblings of the firstborn?

    I’m probably overthinking this but for some reason it just keeps nagging at me. Thank you in advance for your response.

  5. Carol says:

    I am worried about Anne.She seemed to have some very negative effects from her savage treatment at the hands of Light bringer and Zilean.Not having done anything to work through it emotionally she made a rash decision when she incountered Zilean again. Now an unknown entity will be able to influence her while she is still emotionally vulnerable. Will Alex have any impact on her decisions when the contract is with the jinn is established? If he reveals his feelings now will they have any inroads into her decision making?

  6. Nick says:

    Hi Luna
    Has Hermes been to The Hollow? does he like it or does it remind him of Sagash’s shadow realm, and do you know or have you heard about any magical creatures or traditions from Australia? like the Bunyip or the Yowie

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