Ask Luna: Introduction

Hi, my name’s Luna Mancuso.  If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for Alex Verus, but Alex isn’t here so you get me instead.  I’m Alex’s apprentice, shop assistant, and general gofer.  

As of two hours ago, I’m also now in charge of the Arcana Emporium email account.  Alex’s explanation for dumping this on me is that it’s supposed to be educational.  Personally I think he’s just too lazy to do it himself.  Either way, I’m supposed to answer any questions that come this way.    

It turns out the shop already has an email account, or at least it did.  It’s got 73,936 messages on it and having spent the last hour looking through them I’ve decided that nearly all of them are spam.  I’ve also decided that there is no way in hell I’m sorting through 73 thousand spam messages for a handful of legit ones, so I’m just going to write off the whole account.  Yeah, I know, this means none of the old messages are going to get answered.  The way I see it they weren’t getting answered anywayso it’s not like it makes any difference.  Besides, Alex told me to answer any new questions, he didn’t say anything about the old ones.  If your email was one of the old ones then sorry, you’ll have to resend it.  

Until we get a new Arcana Emporium email I’m going to use my own, since at least I know it works.  I’ve set up this contact form to forward to my email account.  It’s got a captcha thing which you have to type in – yes, everybody hates them, but I’d rather not have my email spammed into oblivion, thanks.  The difficulty’s not high so it shouldn’t be too hard.

As Alex explained it, this is supposed to be some kind of general info/FAQ thing.  He says that he gets a lot of people coming into the shop who keep asking the same questions.  Honestly I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’ve no idea what kind of questions I’m going to get, but I’ll give it a shot.  I’ll check the account every day or so, and when I’ve got a few I’ll post them up along with answers.  Thanks!

– Luna

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5 Responses to Ask Luna: Introduction

  1. That’s brilliant. A really novel way of expanding on a character. Keep up the fantastic work.

  2. Just waiting on some questions now!

  3. Danielle D says:

    I love this, now I just need to brainstorm some qustions

  4. Locnil says:

    Uh, ok, so where can we see her answers to the questions?

  5. Becky Roberts says:

    I just found “Fated” and have fallen in love with Alex and and you both. Thank you for sharing your adventures and trials. Just a quick question please. What does Alex look like? I am having a hard time finding a description of his physical appearance. Thanks.

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