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Still Busy Writing

Word count: 90k. Sections completed: 4 and a bit. Sections still to be completed: less than 1 (or at least I REALLY hope so). Title: let’s finish the book first, okay? Mood: very busy. Deadline: way too close. The saga … Continue reading

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Burned First Review

A nice early review from Romantic Times.  It doesn’t seem to have made it online yet, so no link, but here’s an image file.  (Note: does contain some mild spoilers for Burned, but nothing you wouldn’t find out from reading … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #60

From: Joseph Dear Luna, Just had a few questions regarding life magic. 1. Regarding life mages, I imagine they can affect animals just as well as humans. However, can they detect and manipulate other forms of life, like plants or … Continue reading

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Busy Writing

Word count:  80k. Sections of Alex Verus #8 that have been completed:  4. Sections of Alex Verus #8 still to be completed:  1. Title decided:  no. Mood:  busy. Further bulletins as events warrant.

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