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Ask Luna #35

From: Regulas1 Luna, First off I am a major fan of yours and how far you’ve come as an apprentice. I want to ask your thoughts on Alex as a Mage. He seems guided by self preservation, but if you … Continue reading

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Kings River Life Review & Giveaway

A nice review of Hidden by Terrance Mc Arthur from Kings River Life magazine.  They’re also doing a giveaway of the book, so check it out if you want a free copy!

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Ask Luna #34

From: Rayne Hey I was wondering if you know what Arachne Had to say about Verus declining the offer to go work for Richard (in his capacity of a spy for the white counsel) and Don’t you think Thalisid had … Continue reading

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Hidden Reviews

Lots of reviews in for Hidden.  Here’s a selection of them! Whatchamacallit Reviews The Bookbag Mike the Paladin Ami’s Hoard Gareth Otton H. Bala In the meantime, I’ve been at work on the edits for Alex Verus #6 (which has finally … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #33

From: Tom Can life magic cure diseases and illnesses? Yup. Not all, but a lot. From what Anne tells me, it depends a lot on how built-in the problem is. Newly developed diseases are pretty easy to cure, and so … Continue reading

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Hidden Release Day

Hidden is out as of today!  Which means everyone finally gets to catch up to where the story of the Alex Verus series was as of, oh, about a year ago.  You can get it from Amazon here if you’re in the … Continue reading

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