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Hidden Chapter 1 Online

The first chapter of Hidden is posted!  You can read it here.  Full book will be published in the UK and US on September 2nd. In other news:  I’m waiting on the edits for Alex Verus #6, planning my schedule for Nine Worlds, and … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #32

From: Bekah So, most of the mages we’ve seen so far have matched up pretty neatly to the conventional personalities of their magic types. How accurate really is the perception that ice mages are coldhearted, fire mages are passionate, etc.? … Continue reading

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Hidden RT review

Another nice review for Hidden, this one from Bridget Keown at Romantic Times. “Jacka’s latest is a fast-paced, high-stakes adventure that pits the charming diviner and his companions against a long-hidden enemy who has the power to threaten their entire future. … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #31

From: Josh Hey Luna, In the last lot of questions you mentioned fate magic, and how it’s a sort of opposite to divination. Could we get more info on that? An Encyclopedia entry, maybe? Thanks. The basic idea of fate … Continue reading

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PW review for Hidden

We’re coming into the run-up for the September 2nd release of Hidden, and as is now traditional, the first review’ll be the Publishers Weekly one.  (Note: the review contains lots of spoilers, so I won’t post it here.  You can read it at … Continue reading

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One By One

Well, Alex Verus #6 has been sent.  The final word count ended up being around 94,000 words, very similar to the previous volumes. Now that the first draft’s done, I get a short (but much-needed) holiday.  Generally, the sequence is first draft … Continue reading

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And done.

First draft of Alex Verus #6 is finished. To make the deadline, I spent yesterday editing the book all the way through from start to finish.  I’m going to go collapse for a while now.

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