Hidden Chapter 1 Online

The first chapter of Hidden is posted!  You can read it here.  Full book will be published in the UK and US on September 2nd.

In other news:  I’m waiting on the edits for Alex Verus #6, planning my schedule for Nine Worlds, and starting to make the first tentative plans for Alex Verus #7.  Busy summer!

Edit: Link was broken; fixed now.

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8 Responses to Hidden Chapter 1 Online

  1. Mine’s already ordered. Yum.

  2. Got mine ordered as well. However, the links not working 🙁

  3. Just fixed it, but there’s an issue with the hyperlink.

  4. Just read the first chapter. Can’t wait for the rest. Trying to guess what direction it is going.

  5. Amba says:

    Excellent, engaging and intriguing as ever and I can’t wait to read the rest of the story!

  6. Amanda says:

    Do you know if the audio version of the book will be available on 9/2?

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