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AMA Next Week & More Reviews

My Reddit AMA is in four days!  This’ll be the first one I’ve done in two years, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. For those who haven’t been around for one of these before … Continue reading

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Inheritance of Magic – Early Reviews

For those who missed it, An Inheritance of Magic released yesterday in the UK and worldwide!  Here are a couple of the more high-profile reviews, lightly edited to avoid major spoilers. Publisher’s Weekly: A world of magic usually known only … Continue reading

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Fantology Alex Verus Video Reviews

For a few months now, Fantology, a podcast focused on fantasy books, has been doing video reviews of the Alex Verus series.  I just did an interview with them where they asked me questions about Alex Verus and Inheritance of … Continue reading

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Reviews, Updates, And Extract Next Week

Various bits of news for this week! Inheritance of Magic #2 is coming along.  I’ve just finished the penultimate section of the book, making it roughly 5/6th complete – it’s now sitting at 75,000 words out of a planned 90,000.  … Continue reading

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Risen – Reviews & Interviews

Risen’s now out worldwide, so here are some of the reviews it’s been getting! Chloe Frizzle on Youtube has done a sequence of video reviews on the entire Alex Verus series.  Her reviews of books 1-3 are here, books 4-6 … Continue reading

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November Update

With Risen’s release now less than a month away, here are some bits and pieces of news for November! The first reviews of Risen are coming in, and they’ve all been very positive so far.  Here’s the one from Publisher’s … Continue reading

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Forged – First Review

The early review copies of Alex Verus #11, Forged, have started to go out, so here’s the review from Publisher’s Weekly!  Since it doesn’t contain any real spoilers for Forged I’ve copied the whole thing below, but it does contain spoilers … Continue reading

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Between Releases

Fallen is out in the US but not yet out in the UK, meaning that this two-week period is an odd sort of limbo where all of my US readers have been able to read the book but my UK … Continue reading

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Fallen Review – Publishers Weekly

The PW review for Fallen is out!  Here’s an edited version:   The exciting 10th novel featuring British mage Alex Verus blows apart the series’ underpinnings and releases Alex’s power as well as his rage. Until now, Alex, a diviner … Continue reading

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Review and Giveaway

King’s River Life has a review of Marked up, along with a giveaway.  Go check it out! Book 10 is inching along towards the finish line.  Not much farther to go now.  

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