Fantology Alex Verus Video Reviews

For a few months now, Fantology, a podcast focused on fantasy books, has been doing video reviews of the Alex Verus series.  I just did an interview with them where they asked me questions about Alex Verus and Inheritance of Magic – it should go live in a week or two.  In the meantime, here are the links of their Alex Verus reviews for those interested!

Alex Verus #1 – Fated
Alex Verus #2 and #3 – Cursed and Taken
Alex Verus #4 and #5 – Chosen and Hidden
Alex Verus #6 and #7 – Veiled and Burned
Alex Verus #8 and #9 – Bound and Marked
Alex Verus #10 and #11 – Fallen and Forged
Alex Verus #12 – Risen

Each is about an hour.

I’ve got a couple more interviews lined up now that we’re only a month away from An Inheritance of Magic’s release – I’ll let you know once they’re live!

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2 Responses to Fantology Alex Verus Video Reviews

  1. Jason Enberg says:

    Thanks for doing interviews. I’m really interested to listen to them all.

  2. Horacio says:

    Thanks for posting these, I was not aware of Fantology.

    Also, do you plan to do a US tour? Sign books and stuff?

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