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Playing Defence

I did have an Ask Luna post ready to go for this week, but unfortunately this has been put on hold due to this website coming under spam assault.  Everything is still working (and if you’re reading this, new posts … Continue reading

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Sales and Royalties, The Sequel

So, my UK sales figures are finally in!  This is a sequel post to the piece on sales and royalties that I wrote last year, and, just like the last one, it’s mostly going to be about numbers.  If you’re … Continue reading

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Busy week.  Alex Verus #8 is coming along, but I’ve got a few outside factors distracting me.  We’ll see if I can keep to schedule.  Sales data post is coming once I get the numbers in.

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Update from last week

Alex Verus #8 is on track now and going well!  Hooray! On the downside, still haven’t received the UK sales data.  Will do a post on that when I get it. Been a while since I’ve done any Ask Lunas, … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news

Mixed week today. Bad news: Alex Verus #8 is still going really slow. Good news: Copy-edits on Alex Verus #7 are done, which means the book’s pretty much done too.  The version I’ve sent off today is 99% identical to … Continue reading

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