Busy week.  Alex Verus #8 is coming along, but I’ve got a few outside factors distracting me.  We’ll see if I can keep to schedule.  Sales data post is coming once I get the numbers in.

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  1. Sonsee Hambrick says:

    I discovered your series by fluke and have now gone through all 6 books. Love the action and the emotional element. Your characters do seem to grow, which is not always the case with other authors. I have enjoyed your series through Audible.com and I love your narrator, Gilart Jackson. Perfect matching of book and voice.
    Do you have any idea when book 7 will be out? I have it on pre-order through Amazon, but I have heard nothing on the audio book.
    Your skill takes my breath away! It will be enjoyable watching you develop as you age. I am an avid book person. Over the years I have changed my preferences in books and this is a new genre for me. I think this genre is one that is expanding. As long as I can find authors like you and Ben Aaronovitch, I will be in book heaven. Keep Alex coming!

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