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Alex Verus #11 in Germany

Alex Verus #11, Forged, is out in its German edition as of last week.  The Alex Verus books have been translated into quite a few languages by this point, but it’s been the German translation that’s been the most successful, … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to Drucraft #9: Shaping

The third, last, and hardest of the drucraft disciplines, shaping is also the rarest.  Channellers aren’t exactly common, but they’re not that hard to find;  learning to channel is slow and difficult, but anybody who works at it long enough … Continue reading

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Off Sick

Had been planning to do the Shaping article this week, but I’ve come down with a nasty bug and it’s taking all I’ve got to keep up work on the book.  On the plus side that’s making decent progress (first … Continue reading

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New Year, New Books

In to 2024!  Here’s what to expect for the next few months. Right at the moment I’m once again busy with edits on An Instruction In Shadow;  specifically, first-round edits from my UK editor.  Usually I do my US and … Continue reading

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