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. . . and Happy New Year!

Okay, technically I already said that last week, but hey, it’s the holidays.  New posts will resume in 2017!

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Merry Christmas!

And a Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping it’s a good one for you guys!

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Ask Luna #78

From: Margaret Hi Luna I wondered who supplies the one shot items Alex uses so much. I get the impression most mages would see is as beneath them to stoop to manufacturing and retail of such routine magical items so … Continue reading

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Quiet Week

Uneventful week today.  Alex Verus #9 is moving steadily along, Bound is still on its road to publication, and there are a few Ask Luna questions in the queue.  There’s a new game released that I’ve been looking forward to, … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #77

From: Jason I was wondering about the basics of how one would go about enchanting magical items? This is actually something I know very little about. According to Alex, to be good at making focuses and one-shots, you have to … Continue reading

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