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Ask Luna #67

From: Sotiris Hey Luna!That is an awesome Q&A you have going on and thank you for it! To my questions: 1) Are the mages’ lifespans the same as normals’? 2)I have read that fate magic is all but extinct, but … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #66

From: Toniaraem For magic that requires touch, like Ann’s, does it have to be skin to skin or can it be done through clothing? It works just fine through clothing, and through armour too. Anne says she prefers skin to … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #65

From: Tyler H Luna, I have noticed that some mages have two names, their mage name and their parent given name. My question is how did alex get his? I there a particular story to his name or did he … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #64

From: Elaine Felicity Hi Luna, been taking a trip down your memory lane – one question: How did you get Alex out of hospital after he got stabbed? I need details! 🙂 Uh, I’m not sure the statute of limitations … Continue reading

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