Ask Luna #65

From: Tyler H

I have noticed that some mages have two names, their mage name and their parent given name.
My question is how did alex get his? I there a particular story to his name or did he just think “verus” sounded good?

Oh, there’s a story to it. Apparently his old master sent him and the rest of his apprentices on some weird vision quest thing in Elsewhere. Alex got his mage name there, and I’m guessing that was where Rachel got ‘Deleo’, too.

From: Faragorn

So, is part of the madness that comes from Harvesting the incorporation of another personality into the harvesting mage’s own?

It would explain Deleo’s schizo behavior. And, if Onyx is a harvester, if he did another force mage it would probably enhance his own tendencies.

That’s definitely part of the reason they act so crazy. Alex and I have two theories on Onyx. One theory is that he’s a Harvester, and that’s why he’s so sociopathic. The other possibility is that he was already so sociopathic that Harvesting couldn’t actually make him all that much worse than he was to begin with.

With Deleo, there’s something else going on. I mean, having Shireen inside of her head is definitely part of why she’s so crazy, but from the one look I got, she’s got something else in there as well, and I definitely mean ‘something’ and not ‘someone’. I don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure it’s not good news.

From: Demetrius pettway

Alex seems to be in dire straights in general and especially most recently. While there may be no low hanging fruit for additional magical power, are there any promising avenues ?
Secondly, thanks for being so helpful with question answering !

Some. There have been some developments that look hopeful, but I can’t say too much about it just yet.

From: Josh G

Hey Luna, I read somewhere that the one who watches over your realm likes to play Fire Emblem. I was wondering if you might know what game said watcher enjoyed the most, and a favorite character? Keep up the good work Luna, and I can’t wait to see how you develop with Mr. Versus’ mentoring and tutelage!

I used to like Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, back when I had a lot of empty hours to fill. Not sure who my favourite character might have been . . . maybe Mia, though levelling her up was a pain in the neck. I probably would have really liked Lucina in that new game in the series, but by the time it came out I wasn’t spending so much time on computer games anymore.

From: DrizztMajere

Hi Luna I loved this last book. The part where Anne had to go along with Alex to Richard’s was mind blowing. I just have two questions for you today. First, when Alex saw the intricacies of the human body kind of how presumably Anne does did he explain why that happened? Lastly, you got bombs put up around you. Any thoughts on how you would deactivate them without dying next time if needed?

No idea what you’re referring to with the first question, but I had time to do a lot of thinking about the second, and I’m not going to play the deactivating game at all. Instead I’m going to make really damn sure that from now on, I only sleep in places that people either can’t reach or don’t know about, preferably both.

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