Here you can get in touch with me, my publishers, or my agent.

If you have any business queries, I recommend you contact my agent, Sophie Hicks, at the Sophie Hicks Agency. For information about the publishing side of my books, my publishers are Orbit Books in the UK, Penguin Random House in the US, and Blanvalet in Germany.

For social media, I have a Twitter account which I mostly use for announcing my new blog post each Friday, and a page at Goodreads with reviews, other information, and a few Q&As.  For the most part, though, my Internet presence is this website.  I don’t have a forum – they require more admin and moderation than I can really spare – but Reddit has quite an active Alex Verus community on the Alex Verus sub.

If you’d like to contact me directly, just fill out the form below!  However, before you do, please do take a moment to read the FAQ.  If your question’s a common one, it’s probably answered there already.