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Looking Back

Well, the new book is done, hopefully for good this time.  Now that I’ve had a few days to recover, here’s a look at where we are, and where things are likely to go! This rewrite has taken me about … Continue reading

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New book is done.  (Again.)  I sent the manuscript off to my publishers two days ago, exactly on time. I’ve been working on this pretty much flat-out for the past month and now that it’s finally finished, I’m exhausted.  I’m … Continue reading

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Deadline Time Again

Big rewrite on the new book is nearly finished.  Judging by word counts, I’m at about the 95% mark.  About one more chapter and I’ll be done. Rewrites are rarely fun, and I’ve been occupied with this same book for … Continue reading

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Alex Verus Short Stories – Update

I wrote a post last year talking about Alex Verus short stories in which I sketched out ideas for a few different pieces of short fiction set in the Alex Verus universe but with different viewpoint characters.  I’ve still been … Continue reading

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Rewrite Month

As of this week, I’ve got exactly one month until my deadline.  The rewritten version of Book #1 in the new series is due on June 15th. It’s pretty common for writers to miss deadlines, but in this case I’ve … Continue reading

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Alex Verus #8 in Germany

The German translation of Alex Verus continues to move along – this week’s release is volume #8, Bound.  It’s coming out on May 16th in paper, ebook, and audio. The German editions are being released at a steady rate of … Continue reading

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Rewriting Characters

Still working away on the rewrite of the new book. One interesting difference between the start of this series and Alex Verus has been how I’ve handled the characters.  In the early Alex Verus books, I made up new characters … Continue reading

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Alex Verus Compared To Other Series

. . . by length, that is. Ethan Sholly has done an in-depth listing of popular fantasy and sci-fi series sorted by their total word counts.  He’s still updating it (and some of the series aren’t finished), but here’s a … Continue reading

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Quiet Month

Not much news this week.  I’ve been busy with the rewrite, version 5. ‘Quiet’ is how things are likely to stay for the next couple of months.  Apart from the next German Alex Verus translation (which is releasing in May), … Continue reading

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Starting Again

Well, after seven weeks of notes and planning, I’ve started what I really, really hope is going to be the final rewrite of the new book.  I’ve got this one labelled in my notes as version 5, which should be … Continue reading

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