March Update, Continued

A break from the usual Ask Lunas for a second real-world update! So as you may or may not know, depending which country you’re reading this in, the UK is currently in lockdown, with most businesses closed and social distancing … Continue reading

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March Update

Various bits and pieces of news for the month! The big announcement (from my point of view) is that I’ve started work on Alex Verus #12.  First page is done, which is generally one of the hardest bits.  It’s also … Continue reading

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Taken On Sale

Book 3 of the Alex Verus series, Taken, will be on sale for $1.99 via a BookBub promo starting the weekend after this one.   The promotion’s supposed to run from March 15th to March 29th, and the discount will last … Continue reading

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Computer Shortage

Computer has been in the shop being repaired for most of this week, so no full post today.  (It turns out that having your left shift key broken when that’s the key you’ve learnt to use for capitalisation is REALLY … Continue reading

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One Step Closer

First-round edits on Alex Verus #11, Forged, are done!  The first-round edits are the ones where all the significant changes to the book get made.  In this case there weren’t any  really significant changes, meaning that I was able to … Continue reading

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Slay the Spire

In this week’s news, I managed to beat Slay the Spire on Ascension 20 with all four characters in a single win streak, one after the other in release order.   . . .  Okay, okay, so it’s got nothing to … Continue reading

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New Year Update

Happy 2020!   Although this is an update post, we’re light on news.  Alex Verus #11, Forged, is still with my publishers and I’m still waiting on edits.  I’m drawing out some hazy ideas for Book #12, but for now I’m … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Just like it says in the title.  Hope you guys have all had a good year, and that the next one will go well too!  I’ll put up an update post some time in early January.  

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All Done!

And we’re done!  First draft of Alex Verus #11, aka Forged, is written, edited, and sent off to the publisher.   Oddly enough, this is the last time I’ll ever be in this position.  I’ve finished lots of Alex Verus books, … Continue reading

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Almost There

A few more edits to go.

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