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Ask Luna #176

Name: Kevin 1. Are there augmentation rituals for lack of a better term that can increase a mages abilities that doesn’t have to do with Harvesting? And if so are they worth the effort like would they make Caldera and … Continue reading

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Risen Edits

After I’ve finished my first draft of a new novel, the next step in the publication process is first-round edits.  This is the stage where my editors get their first full look at the new book, and give me their … Continue reading

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Applications Closed

Thanks to everyone who applied in response to last Friday’s call for beta readers!  It’s been a week, and applications are now closed.   When I wrote last week’s post, I had no idea how many applications I would get.  As … Continue reading

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Beta Reading

Like a lot of authors, I have a beta reading group – a small group of people to whom I send my work in progress for discussion/feedback.  With the Alex Verus series completed, and a new series in the planning … Continue reading

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