Applications Closed

Thanks to everyone who applied in response to last Friday’s call for beta readers!  It’s been a week, and applications are now closed.  

When I wrote last week’s post, I had no idea how many applications I would get.  As it turned out, the answer was “a lot”, and I’ve spent a good part of the past week going through emails.  I was surprised by how many of the messages mentioned that they check this blog every week – when you write a blog it tends to feel as though the posts you write just disappear off into the ether, so it was really interesting to discover that there are lots of you out there who’ve been reading these posts every week for a year or more.  

Unfortunately, the downside of getting so many applications is that there was no possible way I could accept all of them – if I had, the beta reader group would have ballooned out to an impossibly bloated size.  So I’ve had to turn lots of people away.  The emails were sent out yesterday, which means that if you sent me an application between Friday and yesterday, and I haven’t replied to your email with a confirmation, then I’m afraid the answer is a no.  I know it’s disappointing, but there were simply too many.  I’ll keep people’s email addresses, and if spaces open up in future then I’ll go back to some of the ones who didn’t make it in the first time, but realistically, the group’s now more than big enough, so this probably isn’t going to happen any time soon.  Sorry.  🙁

Now that the beta reading episode’s over, next week’s post will be an update on the publication progress of Alex Verus #12, Risen.

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  1. TE says:

    I’m glad that you got so many volunteers, even if I’m bummed i didn’t make the cut. If you have time and inclination could you do a post on what you were looking for and how you made the decision? I’m not looking to argue your decision. I’ve loved all your books so I’m confident you’ve made the right call. But it’s an interesting topic.

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