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Ask Luna #83

From: Justin Hello Luna! I was wondering if Wish magic, or any magic for that matter, can bring back or contact the dead? Thank you! Don’t think so. There are plenty of stories about some magic type or other bringing … Continue reading

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Fated at a Discount

Still working away on Book 9, but today’s news is that Amazon is selling the ebook version of Fated at a steep discount from May 17th to June 26th as part of their “Start a New Series” promotion.  At the time of … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #82

From: Brad I may have missed it somewhere but could you explain the theory and magic behind constructs? So, this isn’t something I have any first-hand experience of, but I’ve sat through a bunch of classes and heard a bunch … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #81

From: Casey Hi Luna, I was wondering why Alex gave himself the name Verus. In your response to this same question asked previously, it seems that Alex did a vision quest. What was that process like? I’m also curious about … Continue reading

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