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NYCC Update

Further to my previous post, some good news: it looks as though I’ll be going to New York Comicon after all! We managed to sort out tickets for Friday and Saturday (that’s the 7th and 8th of October). Still have no idea … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #69

From: Atomica Hi Luna, Many congratulations on passing your journeyman tests, what’s next for you and will it involve Chalice? With regard to Alex and his (and Anne’s) employment situation with Morden, although it saved Alex’s life by elevating him … Continue reading

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Editing Week

Working away on the first-round edits of Bound.  Slow going so far. First-round edits are always the toughest of the editorial stages.  It’s even worse if they’re rewrites, which this one thankfully isn’t, but it’s still hard work.  The problem … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #68

From: Kurt Von Bosse Hi Luna. I know Alex didn’t have a very happy family life while he was growing up and his relationship with his father still appears to be rather strained, but I was wondering if Alex has … Continue reading

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Book 8 Updates

Still have a bunch more Ask Luna questions to answer (there was a LONG queue to work though) but for this week I thought I’d take a break from that to give you all some news on Alex Verus #8! … Continue reading

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