Ask Luna #68

From: Kurt Von Bosse

Hi Luna.
I know Alex didn’t have a very happy family life while he was growing up and his relationship with his father still appears to be rather strained, but I was wondering if Alex has ever talked about any of the mundane and less stressful elements of his childhood, like what TV shows or movies he watched or books he liked before he ever knew about the world of magic?

From the odd things he’s told me I think he liked escapist stuff. Anything set in another world or another time. He read a lot of books and he watched a lot of movies. I think his favourite thing back then was strategy games, though I get the impression he didn’t have many other people to play them with.

From: BlackMass

What is meld. After taking down White Rose Alex took a new case of a meld dealer but what is it, and how did the case end?

It’s a weird kind of drug that’s supposed to make your magic more powerful or give you the ability to use magic if you couldn’t already. It doesn’t really work, but it works well enough to fool sensitives or some adepts, and it’s also really addictive, so by the time users figure out what’s going on it’s usually too late. The Council comes down hard on anyone they find supplying it. I think Alex and Caldera managed to catch the distributor that time, but I don’t know the full story.

From: Sheryl


1. Do you know what kind of mage Morden is?

2. Do you know what kind of mage Richard is?

3. This one’s a bit difficult – how did Alex actually become a mage? The first we hear of him he’s a mage but most of the detail is about his apprenticeship. How did he sit his mage test?

1. Death mage.

2. We don’t know.

3. See next question.

From: Harrison

Hi Luna,

Do you know why Alex has the title mage? From my understanding, he never finished his apprenticeship with Richard and he was unable to find another mage to take him as an apprentice to finish his. training or enter the light training program.


Same way you can drive a car without passing your driving test. The only ones who give formal tests to become mages are Light mages, and most mages aren’t Light mages. If you’re independent or Dark, and you want to be a mage, you just call yourself a mage. Short term, people will probably laugh at you, and Light mages will tell you you aren’t a ‘real’ mage unless you’ve done things their way, but if you’re good enough and you stick it out long enough, then eventually you’ll get accepted (even if they won’t come out and say so).

Short answer: the Council aren’t the judges of everything.

From: Jeff

Hey, I am just wondering if Morden or Richard are more powerful than Anne or is she the most powerful character in the books?

Another more important question is Verus and Anne going to hook up?

Anne’s very powerful, but she’s powerful in a specific way. I don’t think she could take on Morden or Richard unless she caught them by surprise.

And I have no freaking clue. You want to know the future, ask a diviner.

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