Editing Week

Working away on the first-round edits of Bound.  Slow going so far.

First-round edits are always the toughest of the editorial stages.  It’s even worse if they’re rewrites, which this one thankfully isn’t, but it’s still hard work.  The problem with edits and rewrites is that you have to simultaneously hold the existing book in your head and also figure out all the bits you want to change with it, kind of like changing a three-dimensional model where every piece you move requires you to alter several other pieces as well.  It actually makes writing a first draft look easy by comparison.  At least when writing a first draft I don’t have to constantly think about whether the bits further on in the book are going to fit in with the new part I’m writing.

Currently making plans to see if I can attend New York Comicon this October.  I’d like to, but they’ve changed the ticketing system and it’s making it really hard to get a place (you had to ‘register as a fan’ first, during one very specific period back in May).  More updates as I get them.

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