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The Process (Part Three)

The third part of our journey from first idea to finished novel.  We left off last week at the stage of waiting for copy-edits. Step Seven: Copy-Edits (<1 Month) Copy-edits are the middle stage of the editing process.  A copy-editor … Continue reading

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The Process (Part Two)

Carrying on from last week, here’s what happens once a book’s past the first draft stage. Step Four: Waiting for Edits (1-2 Months) After I send off the first draft to my editors and beta readers, I can relax a … Continue reading

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The Process (Part One)

Alex Verus #7 is underway, and about 10% complete.  The book’s coming along nicely (and currently ahead of schedule) but there’s no immediate news to share, so for this week’s post I thought I’d write about a more general topic instead. One … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #39

From: Leon Hi Luna A long time watcher here from New Zealand- and that is not meant to be creepy, honest. So I had a couple of questions: Firstly how much of a super hero did you feel when you … Continue reading

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