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Moving On

Done at last. The edits for Bound are finished and with my publishers. I’m getting the feeling that my books are taking longer to write these days. I used to try and average no more than 9 months per book, … Continue reading

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Bound edits are done!

Well, it’s taken a while, but the first-round edits for Alex Verus #8, Bound, are basically done. I’ve got just a few more changes to make over the weekend, then I’ll be sending them off, and once I do, that’ll … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #71

From: Sotiris Hey Luna! It is me again. I would like to ask you about religion/faith this time. Are mages any different in their approach to religion than normals? Do mages tend to be more skeptic of a higher power … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #70

From: Turnip hi Luna! 1. what color are Onyx’s eyes? (important) 2. how did he and Morden meet? 3. what are Onyx’s hobbies? 4. is Onyx single? 5. what color is your toothbrush? (VERY important) 1. Brown. 2. Good question. … Continue reading

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