Bound edits are done!

Well, it’s taken a while, but the first-round edits for Alex Verus #8, Bound, are basically done. I’ve got just a few more changes to make over the weekend, then I’ll be sending them off, and once I do, that’ll be that – there’ll be copy-edits afterwards, but the manuscript I send to my publishers on Monday will be 99% the same as the one you guys will get in your hands come the book’s publication in April.

This set of edits has run longer than I’d expected. I’d planned to get them done by some time in July, but it’s ended up taking a good month longer than that. While the changes were necessary, they’ve put me behind schedule from where I’d wanted to be –I’d been hoping to start Book #9 by the end of August, but now I probably won’t get properly into it until September. On the plus side, the changes have definitely made Bound a better book, and I think I’d rather have a better book than one that goes to the printers faster.

In other news, I’m still planning to go to New York Comicon, but I still haven’t heard anything back from the organisers about what events I’ll be doing. Will update you guys when I know more!

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4 Responses to Bound edits are done!

  1. Michael says:

    Looking forward to April! Seems like a long time…

  2. Larry Graves says:

    Thanks for writing Bound so fast, much sooner than I’d expected, especially with the drastic changes in Verus’ comfort zone. Couldn’t have been easy for you to write such a potentially dark Verus adventure in such a short time…

  3. Excellent, didn’t see your name listed on the NY Comicon site.

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