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Ask Luna #87

From: Kurt Von Bosse Hi Luna. From what Alex or Arachne may have told you; back when Deleo and Cinder were trying to take the magical energy from the barghest, if they had succeeded would Deleo; I’m assuming she got … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #86

From: Sam Hi Luna (should I keep using that name?), Congrats on passing your journeyman test! I was just wondering, do you think things between Alex and Caldera will ever improve? And do you think she’s even someone any of … Continue reading

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And done.  The first draft of Alex Verus #9 is finally finished.   This book has taken longer than any previous one in the series.  Usually I expect to take around 10 months to write an Alex Verus book – … Continue reading

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Really Nearly There

Very, very close to finishing the first draft of Alex Verus #9.  With any luck, a week from now, it’ll be done.  I’ll be really glad when it is.

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