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I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks developing a cosmology for my new setting, and figuring out how to tie it into the story. Turns out this kind of thing is a lot of work.  With hindsight, maybe I … Continue reading

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Bad News and Good News

Some bad news for this week, though it does have a silver lining to it. As regular readers know, I’ve been working on a new urban fantasy series as of last summer, and I finished the first draft of Book … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #181

From: Celia Hi, Luna! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am wondering what happens if one fire mage goes up against another? It seems like fire mages can’t be burnt – by their own flames, at least. … Continue reading

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First of the Second

And we’re done!  I finished the first book of my new series earlier this week. One thing that I’ve always found a little amusing about my writing is the way in which I just barely hit deadlines.  It didn’t happen … Continue reading

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