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Ask Luna #162

From: Yusaine I have a few questions regarding Ritual magic. First, what can you tell me about Necromancy? Is it spirit contact or raising the dead? If it is raising Zombies, why would one do that when there are constructs … Continue reading

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Injured Cat

Something different for this week. We have a cat who keeps me company during the daytime when I’m writing.  Unfortunately as of the weekend he’s been quite badly hurt.  We came downstairs in the morning to find him unable to … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #161

From: Rachel Hi Luna, hope all is well, and I am very much looking forward to catching up on what’s been happening to everyone lately in the upcoming book. I’ve been thinking about Dark mages, and the fact that there … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #160

From: Dennis How does Alex get all the gate stones he uses? Does he make them himself, or does he pick up a random rock or something near where he wants to gate to then take it to some artificer … Continue reading

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Fated for $2

The US & Canada Kindle edition of Fated is on sale for $1.99 via a BookBub promotion! The price drop should last for a couple more days until the end of the weekend, ie May 3rd, so if you’ve been planning … Continue reading

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