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New Author Photo

After almost 12 years, I’ve finally replaced my old author photo with a new one in the About Me section.  I figured that the old image of me was sufficiently out of date by this point that it was about … Continue reading

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New Series Title

After much discussion, my new series finally has a name!  The first book in the series, releasing this October, is titled An Inheritance of Magic, and the title we’ve settled on for the series is the “Inheritance of Magic” series. … Continue reading

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New Series – Bookseller Announcement

Here’s the official announcement of my new series from the publishing trade mag, The Bookseller: Orbit has acquired a new dark academia-inspired fantasy series, “set in a world where anyone can use magic – if they can afford the price,” … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding Articles

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on last week’s question!  I read all your comments with a lot of interest. Your responses were split, but leant towards “post any additional material after release, not before”.  The general consensus was that … Continue reading

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Question for Readers

As long-time readers of this site may remember, back in the early days of the Alex Verus series, I put up a series of articles that I called the Encyclopaedia Arcana:  a sequence of worldbuilding entries about the Alex Verus … Continue reading

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