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Ask Luna #183

From: Celia Hey Luna, Have a quick question. I noticed that Morden and Richard both have mansions in Wales, and Alex’s safe house is also there. Why on Earth would Alex have his safe house so close to the homes … Continue reading

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A New Reddit Sub

For a while now, the main place for online discussion of the Alex Verus series has been the Alex Verus subreddit.  I occasionally get questions about why I don’t have a forum here on this website – the short answer … Continue reading

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Long Term Plans

I’ve been spending the past month or so busy with plans for rewriting/rethinking my new series.  It’s been hard work, but interesting. One thing that I’m doing differently with this series than I did with Alex Verus is to plan … Continue reading

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Ask Luna #182

From: Daniel Now that Alex sacrificed himself to put an end to several different factional machinations, what are you and Anne going to do (assuming Anne made it safely out of Sagash’s collapsing shadow realm–did she?)? Anne is still very … Continue reading

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