Ask Luna #182

From: Daniel

Now that Alex sacrificed himself to put an end to several different factional machinations, what are you and Anne going to do (assuming Anne made it safely out of Sagash’s collapsing shadow realm–did she?)?

Anne is still very much unwelcome in the UK for a whole bunch of reasons and that’s not changing any time soon.  I don’t think she’s planning to move back home.  

For my part, I’m running the Arcana Emporium, sorting out various things with UK adepts, and helping clean up the aftermath of everything that happened in that last year.  

From: Saffron

Where is Verus?

Trafalgar Square.  He should be there some time this week.  If you don’t see him, keep waiting, he’ll show up eventually.  

From: Owen

1. Do independent mages have apprentices or is it limited to Light and Dark?

2. Have you met any other Chance apprentices during your time in the Light Council training program? If so did you get along with and did your curse overlap with how they used magic?

3. When Chalice fist met Alex she mentioned something called slay machine, what is this exactly?

1. Of course independents have apprentices.  There are more of them than all the Light and Dark mages put together, it’s not as though they just decide not to train new mages.

2. A few.  Not many.  It’s not a common magic type to begin with and the ones that are don’t usually go through Council programmes.  I think they find it too restrictive.  With the ones I did meet, I could understand their magic easily enough, but we never tended to get on all that well for some reason.  

3. It’s a way to sabotage mechanical things.  Easier than you’d expect, to be honest.  The more complicated a device is, the more things that can go wrong with it, and modern computerised stuff breaks REALLY easily.  It doesn’t take much to nudge one into a total crash/lockup.  Pretty much all chance mages learn it as one of their basic spells.  

From: Svetoslav

I was wondering – how many people actually knew Richard to be a diviner, and how come no one ever told Alex? Helikaon knew Richard was a diviner and he never said anything to Alex? Did Alex not ask around about this?

From what I understand, the Council and a few of their higher-ups knew, but kept it on a need-to-know basis.  Alex was never trusted enough to be told.  At least, that’s what I’ve heard – the other possibility is they didn’t actually find out until the war was halfway done, and then just pretended to have known all along (haven’t heard any real proof of that, but it’s absolutely the kind of thing they’d do).  

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  1. Celia says:

    Daniel, it sounds like perhaps you stopped reading at “The End”? You might want to revisit Risen and keep reading. 🙂

  2. Bob says:

    In the book “Power Game” (2018) by Brad Magnarella on page 96, Professor Croft his main wizard character, is on a case at a N.Y. hotel which is hosting a CON, there is a shout out to both Harry Dresden and Alex Verus. LOL!

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